importer for mw2

im looking for a program that can import my mw2 models and materials to .mdl and the material format for Gmod. can anyone pls give me a link to it and maybe a guide to how to do it?

No such thing has been made yet.

But I thought some MW2 models had already been ported?

do u have a link to the ported models? cause i wana make sweps =D

Those were just ripped using the dxripper.

Except some people dont like to do it right and forget glass and all this other crap on the gun. Mostly thin mesh’s, 2d boxs, .etc.

so… can anyone give me the link to the ripped models? u guys kinda went of topic

there’s already a few mw2 sweps on, along with some ragdolls/playermodels.