Importing a high poly mesh

Hey. Ive sucessfully been able to import a majority of 3D models into the game without any issues. But my only 1 issue that I sometimes come across is how to import high poly meshes?

Addons like TDM and the cars he uses are so detailed and after decompiling the addon, Ive found out that he imports each of the cars parts in seperate MDL files so for example we have the car body, the wheels and the cockpit/driver seats etc…

Im planning to bring in a M falcon which has a fully complete interior but the interior is like around 80,000k polys and bringing it in all in one go wont go through with the compiler, so Im just wondering how should I approach this or even better, if i do bring in each part as a seperate MDL file, how do i put everything back together again in game?

The idea I have is to use the HVAP (wac 2.0) Base to script the MF so am i going to have to use LUA to posistion the seperate MDL files ingame? Or do i have to rig the entire thing and then export the rig and various parts of the mesh?