Importing animations (.xaf) in 3ds Max 2018 doesn't appear to work

I’m working with a model imported from another game. This model is an .fbx file, with multiple animation tracks. This is fine and dandy (albeit annoying to work with), but I need all of the animations on one timeline, and 3ds Max only lets me choose one track to load at once. My workaround to this is to save the animation on each import to a .xaf file, and then once I have them all, to load them again, in sequential order. I’ve had someone else help me with this, and this works on their end, which is great! It means that this solution has merit. However, it doesn’t appear to work on my end. Here’s a video of the process;

As you can see, I load the animation track, and nothing happens. Again, this works on the other person’s end, but doesn’t appear to work on mine. This installation is completely vanilla aside from the Wall Worm Model Tools plugin.

It might have something to do with the mapping, but I don’t know enough about 3ds Max to prove that either way.