Importing CSS models into CS:GO, all viewmodels are mirrored

So I want to get CSS models in CS:GO right, and after decompiling the models to set them to use different directories (so I could actually use them), it turns out their viewmodels are flipped, (except for the knife, oddly enough, that’s normal). If cl_righthand is 1 then all CS:S models are lefthanded, (except for the knife, again), and if cl_righthand is 0, they’re all right handed, complete opposite of the CS:GO viewmodels. Now, how would I go about flipping them so that they are how they should be (in CS:GO?). Also, the viewmodel FOV seems to be a bit low compared to CS:S, how would I go about increasing that too? I don’t know much about modelling at all, so…

Here’s a video for convenience:

(ignore lack of anims)

For the FOV you can add this in the .qc file $orgin 0 0 0.
Try changing the values to get the FOV you want.
Not sure about the lefthand problem though :v:

CSS v_models are all already left handed from what I can remember. You’ll have to mirror them.

Not sure how it works in CSGO now, but back in CSS you could edit weapon_.txts from scripts folder and add some parameter like rightHanded “<1/0>” (“1” or “0”) and not worry about .mdl files. You could check if that works, might save you some time.
I guess the parameter is now this one :

"BuiltRightHanded" 		"0"

Other than that, I’m afraid you’ll have to flip/mirror the models individually.

Alright, is doing them individually a rigorous process or is it a matter of changing a value or something?

so I uh, I imported the models into blender, and transformed X to negative -1, flipping the model fine, however when I export the ak47/hands reference .smd files and compile with the QC, it’s messed up ingame. what am I doing wrong?



You prob need to flip all animations too.

oh i forgot to mention my models have

$CDMaterials "models\weapons	est\V_models\smg_mp5\"
$CDMaterials "models\weapons	est\v_models\hands\"

on it, and my textures are in there, but the gun is black ingame (aka untextured)? the hands are textured fine but the gun isnt. i tried seeing if it was case sensitive by changing the capital letter, nothing… the textures aren’t missing from the directory, so i don’t know what’s happening

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resulting in something like this

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so upon further inspection it seems the hands are using the directory i set but the guns themselves are sticking to the default directory instead of the one i set (so they’re also clashing with original csgo models which is not what i want).

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and flipping the animations just makes it wonkier, from what I can tell

wow so what the fuck

now it’s fucking being weirder, i said how i edited the models qc so that the textures are in a different directory right?

the gun texture now only loads if it’s in BOTH the default directory and the custom set directory, and if I delete EITHER directory’s texture it doesn’t work. what the fucking fuck

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so it seems i can’t move the textures to fix the csgo texture clashing by editing the QC, what the fuck do I do? I checked the weapon scripts and they only set the model, not the texture, it seems

check ur vmts, the $basetexture path is probably wrong

oh shti that makes complete sense! thanks heaps! now to figure out viewmodel flipping

new problem, not necessarily model related but it’s about the same thing

the sounds are in the directory. CS says they aren’t. the fuck? is there a VMT for sounds or something I don’t know about

About sounds. As i remember you have to rebuild soundcache to make new sounds work

so, more problems! I haven’t really been able to mirror the viewmodels in blender, but when I decompile the p228 it turns out like this, the arms are rotated 90 degrees to the left. how would I go about simply rotating the arms 90 degrees to fix it? because anything i do in blender causes huge deformation either in blender or ingame

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looks like this in HLMV

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oh and thanks long nange, that was the problem! thanks so much

Try adding ‘rotate -90’ at the end of each $sequence (before any opening bracket).


Wait, that prob wont work.
Uh, is the p228 model moving during animations ? It might not be connected to the hands.

yes it is, they all move fine during animations, it’s just that the arms are rotated 90 degrees

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ill upload a gif one second


gif doesn’t want to work. but yeah, anims all work fine but the arms are just rotated 90 degrees, that’s all

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and in blender, like this

so I figured out how to rotate it but it also moves the p228 with it and I only want to rotate the arms, how do I do that? is there a way I can seperate the p228 skeleton (is that what it is) from the arms and rotate the arms indvidually? Is that what I have to do? I’m not really sure.

Since I don’t have the files I cant try myself, but you could try splitting hands and pistol into two .smd files and then you might work on them separately. Maybe one bone structure will merge the other model part to the right place, idk.

I remember I used to attach small objects to NPC models in HL2 by just leaving the parts in separate smds with just the bone it’s weighted to. Might work, can’t be sure, it’s been a very long time since I worked with Source engine models.


Sorry, didn’t see your last sentence. I assume you already got the idea then. I don’t think there’s much you can do besides that, I mean, I don’t know any QC parameter/command that will solve this problem.

Would there be any way to separate the skeleton in blender and rotate just the arms, then regroup them somehow?

There is, I’m sure Blender is totally capable of doing that, but I really can’t tell you how since I’m not familiar with Blender, I only work with 3ds Max, which if was the case, it would be a pleasure to explain you each step.

I hope someone more used to Blender will help you with it.

Alright, thanks for your help, I’ll see what I can do

man fuck this seems impossible

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i can’t seem to rotate the bones from the center of the whole viewport, it wants to rotate from the middle of all the selected bones and… ugh, i feel so lost

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and i can’t seem to mirror viewmodels due to this when I set the scale to -1 (to mirror it basically, looking it up that’s only result i can find and i can’t think of any other way to mirror it without remodelling it)

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and to rotate the arms I want to rotate from the middle and I can’t find anything on google on how to do it (I did it before but completely forgot how and had no idea what I was doing)