Importing Custom Models into Hammer

Hi! I don’t have very much experience (none at all really) importing custom models into Hammer. I’ve looked for any tutorials on how to do this, but I can’t seem to find anything.

Is there a certain file type that needs to work with Hammer like .bsp? Is there a way I can convert models into .bsp?

Any help would be great thanks!

Models are just .mdl, .phys and something else I might’ve forgotten about.
And you put them to steamapps/game/models.

Althought you gotta remember that not all .mdls are “Valve” mdls or “Source” mdls and might require rigging.

Every model, to work in hammer, must be in the “ready” format for the game. Compiled, if you know what this word means. As well for it’s materials, or you will see the legendary black and pink textures.

Valve’s Source Engine uses .mdl as the model format, you can see additional info here:

With the model ready, source engine uses types of props that have specific features for each one, better explained here:

Hope it helps, good luck mapping !

You can also use Source Multi-Tool to pack the custom models into a .vpk format and put it into the specified custom content folder. Make sure you have the folder paths correct when you turn the folder into a vpk.