Importing Custom Sounds Problem

Alright so i have my steamapps/sourcemods/projectdown/sounds/sound file here
and also just in case steamapps/episode2/ep2/sounds/sound file here when i open hammer for episode 2 and do refresh sound list i cant find my sound file. Where is it, what do i do?

Be sure to change from “Game sounds” to “raw” in the dropdown below the sound list.

The folder name should be “sound”.

he has 2 listing there which one do you use?

use steamapps/episode2/ep2/sound/ for HL2Ep2’s engine when you’re testing.

It plays in hammer but not in game…

Which game are you testing it with, and are you using a specific mod?

Are you sure it’s wav or mp3, stereo, 44,100 Hz?

oh, it was not, now it is.