Importing F-zero GX ships

Using 3dxripper I got all the ships in the game in 3dr format, if anyone wants them here is the link: (Some handy references)

So far I ported these four ships but I’m very bad trying to port them, need lots of fixes and more metallic look.

UPDATE: Now I uploaded a new one with .3dr and .obj requested by Silver plus two poses from Captain Falcon.

You got the Dark Schneider ripped? Man that’s cool.

Thank god. You have no idea how I’ve been waiting for someone to get the Blue Falcon into gmod. Now all we need is for someone to turn them into a vehicle.

If you rig the character models too, I will be a very happy man with Leon and the Space Angler. :smiley:

Nice job! The only error I notice so far is that the machines are missing their numbers, for example I don’t see the number seven onthe blue falcon.
man, if you could just get the pilots too,would you mind to upload them in .obj format?

I came.

If you could just get captain falcon…

Captain Falcon can be easy, but I think it is better the one from Brawl. Maybe I will extract the characters, not T-posed though.

And about the textures, some of them I dunno why doesn’t extract correctly but there are the necessary to make at least the ship without numbers like those I ported.

Btw, on the first post is the second link with the rest of the ships to do whatever you like with them (I checked almost all and seems to have all the numbers, so can be easy to use to another ship because they share the same texture in some cases like vents and numbers).

Please try to get Mr. Zero the interviewer guy lol.

Okay then!

Can you convert these to OBJ format instead of 3dr as I don’t have 3dmax and therefore cannot import 3DRs.

Edit: Ah just noticed vert092 asked for them in OBJ also :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty sure there’s a Brawl version of him on, which is by far a much better model than the one in F-Zero GX.

Yes, but not for papercraft purposes, that’s why I prefer him not T-Posed. Plus, the GX version is very different and it’s epic in it’s own way, just remember the story mode. The Brawl model is just very different. Better designed overall, but very different.
I you accept more requests, I’d like James McCloud, Silver Neelsen, Michael Chain and Mr. Zero, as ShowMeYaMoves said.

I can convert them to Obj but… you will get lots of flipped normals and be more difficult to port them, that’s why I used only the .3dr format because was more easy.

And yeah, I was thinking to get Mr.Zero too along with characters, but for this pack will take more time than the ships.

If anyone wants I can try to fix the Blue Falcon and make it for download (I need help with add transparencies from the numbers and the cockpit to show the interior) but don’t expect something great from me :v:

That’ll be fine I’ve figured out how to fix normals now ^^ Just i use Milkshape so .3dr files are completely useless to me.

Rancid I wanna thank you for doing this because I made a request thread for these models months ago. It didn’t work out so well so I went for the Brawl F-Zero models instead.

Heh, thanks, like you I was expecting someone to get them.

Well, some updates. Now I uploaded a new one with .3dr and .obj requested by Silver plus two poses from Captain Falcon.

Check out the first post.

Ah thanks alot for those, i’ll see what I can do with them ^^ (my friend has been after the Red Gazelle for ages :P).

I’ll check out that captain falcon model, I’m very interested.
Oh and I’m curious about the scale you are using for the ships. i’d love to see a picture of captain falcon with his beloved machine.
Oh and how about the falcon flyer? The model is from brawl, but is rippable too.

When I ripped the models, the scale was very tiny, so I used Alyx as reference to scale 2000 units in 3dsmax just to port, the ones in the pack are the original size, though. The Captain Falcon one is scaled random, so maybe is too big.

And about the Falcon Flyer maybe is better ask on the Brawl post.

I can’t figure out where the textures are meant to go on these cars @.@ Did you just do it by trial and error?