Importing Kingdom Hearts models

I need the Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2 models onto Garrys Mod 10
I need them to be face poseable, as ragdolls and i also need to be NPC’s
At the moment I am having no luck, I need the models acting like normal citizen NPC’s
I have ripped the models from my game discs using khdump and kh2dump, both from yaz0r and i now have them as .mdlx files and .mdls files.
Can someone tell me how i can make this happen? I need to know what software is needed and someone to tell me a method.


I don’t think their is a Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2 models, sorry.

He want to import them form game.

I know about ripping KH models as I’ve ripped nearly everyone from KH1 and many from KH2. The answer is simple. You need to use a Kingdom Hearts model viewer that uses directx8 or directx9 to view the models. Then you need to use 3d Ripper DX to rip the model’s mesh and textures from the viewer. Then you need to rescale the model to the proper proportions as they come out semi-flat/squished and then you need to assign all the textures again.

That’s just to get the mesh and textures visible outside the viewers. There isn’t a way to rip the animations so you have to make a skeleton and assign them to it yourself followed by animations.

It’s entirely possible to do what your doing but it’s quite the high order.

@iGuest i need a full set of player models, and another full set of ragdolls, is this possible too? and also. i have the valve skeleton in Milkshape 1.8.4 it came with it. is this the right one to use? also you say you ripped loads from kh1 and some from kh2? do you still have them? can you upload them somewhere for me?


Sadly my pc had a fatal error that caused it to not even be able to start up back in January and I lost most everything. I’ve yet to re-rip anything sorry. And I would assume the Valve skeleton is the one to use. I wouldn’t know as I’ve never tried actually getting a ragdoll in Gmod. More or less the method of ripping them was about all I could help with. Sorry.