Importing models for Source (Assigning Textures)

Hey facepunch Community,

Lately I was trying to import custom models (from Starcraft 2) into Source (especially to use them in source filmmaker)
After some hours of research i managed to achieve atleast some little steps in that process:

  1. export the Assets of Starcraft 2 with mpq-editor
  2. import the .m3 file of a model from the Assets into 3dmax (the High quality model of Valerian to be precisely)
  3. convert the .dds textures of Valerian from the assets to .tga and afterwards with VTF Edit to .vtf and .vmt
  4. export the model in 3ds max as .obj (I tryed the Wallworm addon but unfortunately it didn’t work with the textures)
  5. import the obj. file in blender and export it again now as .smd
  6. finally converting the smd file with GUIStudioMDL and a custom qc file to mdl

I almost followed step for step the youtube tutorial from Mr. Dude “[SFM] TUTORIAL: How to create your own custom model and bring it into Source Filmmaker” (not sure if i may post a link)

All in all i have a complete Model of Valerian now, which i can open im SDK Modelviewer (but without textures). What I’m not sure about is how (and when) i should assign the materials correctly to get a full textured Model (especially with mutiple texture for Body and head)

The final goal in a far future would be most of the cinematic charakters of starcraft 2 completely textured, rigged and capable of facial animation usable in sfm but before of that i’m trying to get at least one charakter fully working.

As a newby in ripping models i hope that question is not to trivial for you folks and i appreciate every comment or link regarding my question

Edit: So i pretty much figured out how to apply the textures and only the eyes are still messing up but anyhow thats also going to work somehow…next step is rigging