Importing Models from a demo?

Is it legal to Import models from a free demo of a game?
Thanks in advance, TMlord95.

Edit: In this case, It’s the Models from “Portal : Fist Slice” Whose models are exactly the same as the retail version. It has a GCF containing everything but about half the retail maps {and the music specific to said maps}.

It’s legal because the demo’s free, unless it’s like a closed beta demo and you sign one of those disclosure agreements.

Yeah, you can probably use the Still Alive’s models.

Would It be okay to release it publicly as a work around for servers that use portal props?

As long as it’s from the demo.

I Went to the trouble to get a spawn list together, “Why not Release it” I though :smiley:

it would be nice if you did this. alot of servers ive joined lately use portal models and i see ALOT of big red ugly ass errors. LOL

I messed up on the spawn list somehow. It should be out by tomorrow.

UPDATE: Fixed it. Currently compressing it. Should Have a thread up in releases in about a hour.

UPDATE 2: Upload is taking forever. Give it another hour.

Awesome! You are the second person today that made my day! (He He, that rhymed :D)
One person got me the models for CSS weapons and the sounds, and now you post portal models!

I Gave up on uploading it took I had it uploading for 30 minutes and nothing happened. Switched to filefront. Does GMOD-org have somesort of filesize limit? Then again, I live in oklahoma and they have always been slow for me.


Done Uploading!

Is this an addon? It’s REALLY big.
YAY! It IS an addon, just finished downloading :smiley:

How did you do this? I have the Counter Strike Source Trial and i would love to be able to do this (I don’t have CS:S so there’s a lot of Errors when I play online). Could I also get textures from it?

There was a CSS trial?

My friend got the game and gave me a trial version, it lasted for 10 days or something and I still have all the files. Would this be legal to get textures/models out of?

Yes, it is a trial/demo. Still legal. Are you getting the MODELS materials and textures or weapons? Or both?
It might not still be legal because it was a GIFT PASS. Ask someone from valve, and then do it anyways…LOL

Well if its illegal I wont release them, and I just looked thru the files and I dont think anythings there anymore, but i could be wrong.

I think you might be able to release them if you include proper credit. Let me read the TOS…
EDIT: Completely legal if you include credit&don’t made a profit from it :smiley:

I dont think I will, Even with CS:S’s materials folder I still cant get the errors to go away, I dont think its possible without buying the game.

I got a weapon model pack so i can see CSS weapons :smiley: