Importing models from other mods/sources

GMod newbie here, literally just got it like 23 mins ago

However I’m not seeing any option to import models/objects from other Source engine-reliant mods (such as L4D and Neotokyo). Is it something you do outside the game, copy pasting folders? or is it done via an addon or, well wat :<.

Trying to get a better reference to the Neotokyo models/weapons for a project I’m undertaking, so I got Gmod in hopes of being able to look at them in complete freedom, but I’ve hit a wall ;c.

Thanks in advance gents :3

You copy and paste the stuff, but, some of the stuff might not work as good in Gmod as is does in the mod they came from.

You need to do a little more to get L4D models working (I think there is a guide somewhere), but for Neotokyo, just copy and paste it.