importing models to GMOD. material issues

hello. i have spent ages trying to figure this out and a lot of testing. (believe me it wasn’t easy with the bad tutorials). anyway im trying to get a model in to GMOD. so i made the model exported it. made the correct texture. converted that did a bunch of other magic stuff and put it in my addons.

so i managed to get the model to work fine. (little big but to be fixed) now all i want it the texture to work. not sure what im doing wrong but it seems the texture is rotated 90 degrees and screws everything up. i though the simple fix would be to rotate the model 90 degrees but that didn’t work. anyway 4 hours later and im here asking you guys on how i can fix this. addon, compile folder, texture is included in the zip in the link.

Try asking in the Modeling section. You might also want to include your .qc.