Importing sequences into Blender

So I’m trying to make custom TF2 weapons that replace some stock weapons. The problem here is that most stock weapons have their own viewmodel, so I’ll have to modify those manually. I use Blender for nearly everything I do.

I have decompiled the “v_rocketlauncher_soldier” model and I have all the sequence .smd files in a folder. I’ve imported the actual model into Blender and replaced the rocket launcher with my own model, but I can’t import any of the sequences. If I try it, this happens.

Before importing

After importing (idle.smd)

The armature disappears along with the model. Yes, disappears. You can see in the first pic that I have Names enabled so I should be able to see the cluster of armatures somewhere, but they are nowhere to be found. There are keyframes visible at the bottom, but there is no model for them to manipulate.

Do the SMD Tools not support the importing of sequences, or am I importing the wrong way?

My model is connected to the armature, by the way. I’ve even tried importing the model without making any changes and then importing a sequence, same thing happens.