importing textures from mods.

hi all. For my machinima ive been thinking about using custom textures from other games and mods. Neo tokyo, jail break, zombie master, dystopia and lfd 1 and 2. Now I use hammer with engine version hl2 ep1. And I want to know how to import the textures from the gfc files and use them in hammer. I have actually done this before, I think I did it by extracting the files I wanted from gfc folders and putting them in the materials folder of half life 2 (something like that) but it over wrote a lot of the textures and models in half life 2 (i.e med packs and guns). So please tell me, what is the proper way use custom textures from mods with hammer using hl2 ep1 engine. I understand vaguely how to do it I just don’t know the exact folder to put it in.

plus I want to use custom citizen skins instead of the standard cloths they wear. I cant find them ANYWERE but I have seen them before in other machinima.

Extract them using a custom program called “GCFscape”.


You can just search for it on Google.

sorry buddy way ahead of you their, i have the texture files at hand that i want to use, i just dont know where to put them.

Copy them to the <game you want to mod>\materials folder.

Also, the custom skins you’re after will no doubt be on fpsbanana.