Importing Textures

HOW THE HELL DO YOU DO IT? Ive gotten my texture. I made a .vmf and a .vtf with this in it “LightmappedGeneric”
“$basetexture” “Materials/background01”
“$decal” 1
“$decalscale” 0.25
“$translucent” 1
This is the location of where the .vmt is in. I go in hammer, ITS NOT THERE?! Please help this is pissing me off.

remove materials/
unless the file structure is materials/materials

And why are you making .vmfs for materials? .VMT PEOPLE.

Alright Ill try it.

vmt’s are required to tell the engine how to display the textures…

IT DIDNT WORK WHY Its Source Mods/letdown/ep2/materials/background_01.vmt

No they aren’t.

Who cares if they are required or not! I want to know how to import textures!

Well, they are still needed regardless.

Thanks for the help on my question Voice.

Laptopman’s suggestion is correct. Failing that, go over your vmt and vtf with a fine tooth comb to make sure everything is spelled correctly.

What the fuck am i suppose to put in the VMF, the vtf is just the Texture file, the vmf has “LightmappedGeneric”
“$basetexture” “background01”
“$decal” 1
“$decalscale” 0.25
“$translucent” 1


Valve Map Format.

You want “VMT”
Valve Material Format.



Christ, look up some goddamned tutorials on FPSBANANA before spamming here. Read them, then see if you can pull it off. Cleary, you have no grasp on what means what regarding texture creation, so I say you need to read about it.

Yah that’s what i meant, i r fail :’(

I got it to work. /thread

Valve Material Format spells VMF :downs:

Hurf spelling mistake. Thanks.

Valve Material Type.