Importing these models to GMOD (New to RipperDX)

I’m assuming ripping is the easy part of importing models from a game to Gmod. Right now I have these 2 models ripped and isolated in 3DS Max 8:

I WAS following Mario’s guide to importing models here:

but stopped when I found out his files are all gone.

So what exactly do I need to do next after this? Also, how do I apply the dds textures ripperDX got and apply them to the model?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Okay, instead of making a new thread I’ll just bump this one.

I managed to import the model itself without the textures to Gmod, but to my ignorance, it apparently took the ground, bushes and a tree as well even though I isolated the model I wanted in 3DS Max. So now when I spawned it, I got this:

Any reason why to? What I did though in 3DS Max was right click the model I wanted and click Isolate Target then saved it as .max

Delete anything you dont want in 3ds max the export.

If you want to ragdoll from a rip, it will take time. You have to add the bones and weight all the joints manually. Props, however, are easy.

Would that be more preferable than to right click and isolate the target model?

I’m willing to learn. Besides the tutorial above, any other tuts for doing this?

ALSO, I managed to put on the textures on the model, the problem is I just cheated and print screened the dds file and dragged the image onto the model. I’m using 3ds max 8, anyway to apply dds textures to a model?

3ds Max 8 sometimes doesn’t like the DDS format. Do you have Photoshop? If so, there is a DDS plugin. I convert DDS to TGA when applying textures to models.

Hey thanks for that, works nicely

Low res is my fault for ripping from an RTS.

So I guess that was the easy part? How will I add the bones and shiz for ragdolling?

You can follow Mariokart64n’s “TutXX” videos. That should get you started.

Will Alyx’s skeleton be enough for the guy I’m trying to import?

The thing about ripping is that the model is captured at whatever pose it is in. The model is asymmetrical and you’ll have to add all the bones yourself. However, you can use Alyx’s hand bones (or part of her bones) should you want to add finger posing.

Sorry about my ignorance on 3DS Max but how do I rotate a model? The rotate tool only lets me rotate the model’s position and not the model itself.

That’s alright. Have to start somewhere. :smile:

Currently, the pivot point is located at the middle of the ripped scene, even with all the extra stuff deleted. Once you select your isolated model, you need to center the pivot point.

Of course, since the model is asymmetrical, the centre of the pivot point might be offset. Once you select “Affect Pivot Only” you can move the arrows around (with the move tool) to move the pivot point.

Also make sure that the model is the only thing left in the scene, and that no other tiny pieces of ripped stuff is flying anywhere. You can do this by control+a to select all, and press Z to focus the camera on the selection. If the camera focuses on the model, then you’re good to go. If it doesn’t, then look around for unwanted pieces of models. You can also check what exists in the scene by selecting by name (to the right of the select tool.)

Thank you, I really appreciate the help.

Though I’m assuming the bones are the hardest part since I can’t seem to get the correct placement. I’m trying to do the spine first. Any tips?

I’d start by centering the model to the origin (x0,y0, z axis doesn’t matter) as best as you can. Try to make the spine/chest/pelvis mirrored on the axis, so creating bones will be a bit easier (since newly created bones spawn in the centre of the axes.) Once you centered the model as best as you can, move the pivot point to the centre of the origin (select Affect Pivot Point, then right click on the move tool and put 0 for x and 0 for y.)

Create bones using the left/right, front, and top views. Creating bones in perspective mode won’t work. Of course, you can always use perspective mode to move bones around. For creating bones and stuff, just refer to Mariokart64n’s TutXX videos.

Wow this is hard…how did you ever do that Monster Hunter thing’s bones?


Okay I managed to get a good bone structure (probably). Is the process of importing it to Gmod the same as importing a prop in mario’s tutorial or is there some special thing to do for ragdolls?

The thing about porting is that you have a UV’ed model with textures, in a t-pose, with all the bones set up and weighed.

The thing about ripping is you have an asymmetrical model without any bones or weighing. Just follow Mario’s tutorial and you should find your way with weighting bones. :buddy:

Or if you want to go to the basics, you can play around with a ported model, in a t-pose, that is already weighted with bones.

You’re starting out how I did. Attempting a long and hard process of rigging a ragdoll manually with no prior knowledge to 3ds Max. (I think.) :v: If so, I guess I can relate to how you’re working and can help you better.

If I can do it, so can you. Just takes time and effort.

I strongly advise you to not only center the pivot first but actually center the pivot to 0,0,0 with the models feet being more or less in between it. It makes later scaler far less of a hassle.

Out of curiosity - you said you are porting from an RTS? Does the RTS have an editor? If you can place the model in th editor, it usually is shown as T-posed which makes ripping and rigging from there much easier.

Also when starting with rigging. Seperate the model into it’s parts. Torso, head, arms, legs etc, then rig the torso well first, test it around, add on the legs etc etc. Makes it a bit less of a hassle.

Nope, no editor and thanks for the advice. Just so I got this clearly, I set the pivot point to 0, 0, 0 and make my model’s crotch just above it right?

That’s what I understand too.

What game are the models from ? Thanks :slight_smile: