Importing Weapon's from CoD

Hey everyone, name’s DUKIP. (Shit name right?) Anyway I wanted to ask for some help as everyone I asked and everywhere I looked, so far, has been of no use. I’ve been trying to at least even figure out how to even make a model for GMod.
Currently I’m still learning how to even ‘mod’ GMod. I just want some straight up answers such as: how do you even make a damn model for it (and it’s textures, for GMod as I have plenty in CoD)? Or like would the animations that I have, which I received from WinCat (a.k.a. TomBmx) work/how to work with the viewhands in GMod?


First off:
Fuck CoD.

Most modeling software can export to .mdl files.

That’s all I know on the subject.

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You need to get the model then make a swep using the model.

Getting the model and texture has nothing to do with lua

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Whoa no need to get mean there

Get 3DS Max with the .smd / .mdl plugins.

Get GUIStudioMDL and set it up to compile to GMod.

Step one is the hard one if you have no experience working with models & content.

Step two is trivial.

Google the setup because they can explain it much better than I can.

You can’t export directly into .mdl.

Okay thanks guys, I’ve done a lot in Maya 8.5 already so I know the basics. Just have to get used to do way Source/GMod handles it. Thanks :slight_smile:

You should post on the Modeling Forum for help.


I prefer using Blender. Easy to learn and quite powerful. Been modelling with it for a UE3 game in 2 months. Textures just use photoshop

He’s also not much of a helper.

3DSMax can be legally obtained for free if you’re a student at a qualifying school.

Yes but the Licence only lats 36 months I believe. Or is that only for MAYA?

Obviously you won’t get a free lifetime license.

All Autodesk student licenses last for 36 months. I have student copies of everything they have and it’s more or less the same as the regular thing, just with a time limit.