"Impossible Odds" -Humas try to hold off a advancing Reaper fleet.

Woops Title Typo.

I would have liked to be able to work on this a little longer, but as fortunate as I am I’ll be going on a 3 day trip to belgium tomorrow. And I’m pretty sure that if I would have chosen to resume work after the trip I would have lost my inspiration and then abandon the project. (This happens a lot unfortunately)
So that’s the reason I’m posting it in a kind of unfinished state.

Still, a good 15 hours or so went into this, mainly because every single thing exept for the 5 ships from EVE online was made/drawn by mouse (I unplugged my Tablet just for the challenge :v:)
Which, obviously took some time. So I hope it was worth the effort.

Thread music? just a song I listened to during the editing a lot:


TLDR version of info above pic:
Slightly unfinished version due to time shortage caused by belgium :black101:

Could I have some Comments and Critism now? And or some motivating comments (Artistics work too :buddy:) so I can actually finish this when I’ll be back (using the C&C I got (hopefully))


Fucking filesmelt, gimme a moment.


I like the colours, but the stars look a bit too… “noisy,” and lacking in depth.



Yours is a mixture of good and bad, you just need to develop it more.

Remember, the more you tinker with the star field, the better it gets.

This is a comment in your thread.

Also the N7 logos look too pasted on.

It looks like you rushed the entire thing really. 5 days? I don’t really believe it unless you spent <1 hour each day.

The stars are too sharp and the background far more heavily contrasted than the foreground - it’s very distracting.

stars too noisy and not nearly varied enough in size, intensity and colour, slight isolation errors, obnoxious beams (even ignoring the fact you can’t see laser beams through a virtual vacuum, these ones are just so fucking huge it leads to my eyes trying to focus on them and nothing else), explosions look like ten-second brushwork (especially the smaller ones, and again ignoring the lack of explosions in space). nerf the beams, mix the stars up a bit so they look more like stars and less like film grain or noise, and redo the explosions with a bit more effort.


woah man…fuck…
looks cool and all but yeah,way too many stars and…well what rossum said

still,it looks cool