Impossible odds

Just something a friend and I made. He came up with the suggestion and I made it in Gmod.

Female rebel: “We… we’re not gonna make it are we?”
Male Rebel: “Just hang on! We’re almost there!”

Some of the ragdoll posing, especially that soldier in the mid-ground, is quite unnatural. The injured woman in the foreground is also too rigid and upright to look like she is injured. Other than that, the lighting is pretty decent.

The bow-legged combine in the back just cracked me up.



Good god, he’s so beta at a time like this.

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[sp]dat hoverhand[/sp]

Great pic

“Opp, opp, opp, oppa gangnam style!” Ahaha

The problem with using HL2 models like these is that the texture and face posing is far beyond present standards. They look bored and uninterested in what is happening.
The face posing suck on these models. They do not make for a good pose anymore. Unless you have low expectations for quality. But a decent try though.