Impossible to connect to server

Hi, i’ve got a problem, since the last update, i cannot connect to the gamelist in rust

Gameconfig: Could not resolve host : unrecoverable error in call to nameserver

I’ve tried everything with my firewall and AV, and yesterday morning, all was working fine again, but another update in the day screw this again, and i’m unnable to play at the moment.

Am i the only one one having this problem? Or anyone know a fix for that? hoping that a future update will make this working again soon .

Can you open this page?

Yep, i’ve got absolutely no problem opening this page in my browser.

Have you restarted since this happened again? And are you on a wired or wireless connection from your PC to the router?

Just restarted my computer and the game and nothing happened, i’m still stuck on the server page with the same error

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I’m reinstalling windows to see if that’s not a rust bug… Hoping that will resolve my problem.


I’m having the same problem. Just downloaded rust. Tried re-installing several times, making sure it was NOT beta every time.
Running rust from steam, I can’t see servers.
Running rust in compatibility mode for windows 7, I can’t see servers.
Running rust in compatibility mode for windows vista, I can see some servers. But I’m trying to connect to Rustopia, some server my friends are on, and it doesn’t work.

I’ve tried restarting my computer, restarting steam, and re-downloading rust.

I can get to in web browser.
Running on windows 7.

Anything else to try?

I’m on wired, not wireless.

Same here Starting game via steam - no servers - client.connect does not work.
I can see www but cannot ping it.
Reinstalled steam, deleted left files manually, disabled security software even windows firewall.
No servers

im wireless.

Exactly same problem here, expect i dindt try all the compatibility mode thingy, and my game was runing just fine yesteraday a midday french time

Last time i tried to run Rust ,when entered server list, numbers showed for a bit of the second, then all reseted to 0… I suppose it it EAC bug , DEVS please help with this.

Solved when changing compability mode to Vista for files Rust.exe and Rustclient.exe i can see all servers :smiley:

Same problem in this update
"Gameconfig: Could not resolve host: unrecoverable error in call to nameserver"
not appear servers.

My sistem --> Windows 7 - 64 bit
To appear the servers I had to change the compatibility mode to "Vista"

I am having this same issue and cannot open that page. Mind helping? Thanks.

Hi. The same thing, too. What should I do to solve?

It opens that page in the server;


Since last update as soon as Rust loads it gives me an error saying “cannot load bundles”…