Impossible to hack?

So Garry’s Mod 13 has made a big effect on the community for a lot of good reasons and a lot of not so good reasons.

But on my server there was a hacker I wanted to know if this was another version of SethHack or just a private one because

now more frequently I have been seeing hackers on my server.

It’s still very possible to hack. As for seth hack I’m not in the loop but I’m pretty sure it closed down or that’s what people have told me. What you are most likely experiencing is some one who run into a bypass or bought a small private cheat from someone.

Most people use cheat engine to speedhack, but sethhack was shut down a little while ago.

Just making sure we didin’t have another SethHack on our way.

I’m almost certain that VAC covers cheat engine.

For mem editing yes, for that no.

Not always ,We have seemed to have a few faster then sound Little fellows running around

Speedhacks as used in CheatEngine spoof a single WinAPI function.
It doesn’t actually touch any of the game ASM so it doesn’t get you banned,
however depending on the cheatengine settings the presence of cheatengine is detected,
so maybe having cheatengine attached will get you banned in the future.

PS. Put sv_max_usercmd_future_ticks to 0/1/2 , it doesn’t actually completely solve the speedhack problem but it pretty much limits speedhacks to a 10% speed increase or so.