Improve first person spectate for Admins

I know this has been suggested quite a few times but I don’t think we’ve gotten a response from the devs regarding the (lack of) first person spectate for server admins. A major responsibility of server admins is to catch and remove hackers / cheaters. Why is it that the tools we have to assist us in doing so seems to be specifically designed to prevent the spectator from actually seeing what the cheater sees (such as aim position and movement)? The current “first person” view is not helpful at all and does not accurately track the player’s movement. Additionally, you are unable to see in real time where the player is actually aiming. Gmod’s fadmin spectate option works flawlessly. Why is it that we do not have tools like this for server admins on Rust? Is it because making it easy to catch and remove cheaters from our servers would ultimately reduce the overall player count for Rust? I just can’t imagine why after so many years this issue has not been addressed for any good reason.

I absolutely agree. We need better tools to help combat those who seek to ruin the game experience for others. It would be beneficial to also “screengrab” like what is available through Garry’s Mod.

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