Improve FPS?

I need to improve my FPS. Badly.

( please don’t say stuff like lower the graphics, i’m not an idiot. i’ve already tried that. )

upgrade your pc
if you have a mac, throw it in the bin and buy a pc
if you have a laptop, buy a pc

I use to have grass.on false, since my Graphic card can’t hand too much detaild being shown all the time.

Don’t be such a retard. Seriously.
“Oh, you want to play this game? Go spend $1700 on a brand new computer to play this ONE game.”

To use Grass on false, you press first F1, this will bring up your console, it’s used to debuged the game, and you can use some commands to help your experience. Like grass.on false (as Spookywookiee) says. Press F1 again to hide the console. You’ll see much less grass on the ground, but it will help with the FPS. If it’s not enough, start the game full screen with a smaller definition.

^^ What he said.

Also :

Helps to turn grass off too. Just type “grass.on false” in the console while in-game (F1 to access console).

Is it really necessary to have like 5 people to tell me to turn grass off?
Everyone knows how to turn grass off. Only one person needs to say it.
Actually, no one has to say it because EVERYONE ALREADY KNOWS.

Maybe we were all typing our replies at the same time? Who would have thought? So you call the first person to give you a concrete answer a retard, and then when other people try to help you tell them off… Ya you’re the exact type of person that people just looovvee to help out…

You didn’t tell us to tell you about disabling Grass** e.e**

Concrete advice? Are you stupid? Spending money is advice? Are you fucking serious?

I’m ignoring you from now on.

Lol, listen to yourself. Yes, if you have turned down graphics settings, and done the suggested console commands, then what else is there? Think looonngg and hard, what else could you possibly do? How is spending money not advice? Please explain. This is absolutely hilarious. Please continue.

The PC I just built works pretty well, about $1000 less than your price tag.

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On a more related note, have you tried lowering the resolution the game plays at? I’ve seen increased performance while doing this on lower-end machines.


TF2: A game that didn’t run properly. Using a modification, the polygons of the characters were lowered. I can run the game at 60 FPS.

Garry’s Mod: A game that didn’t run properly. Using console / launch commands, the game now runs at 60 fps.

Two prime examples of other ways to increase performance. “This is absolutely hilarious.” You’re right. I’m laughing so hard at how dumb you are.

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I’m going to be the nicest I can be for this one post only.

What makes you think I have not tried this yet?
Think about this. Someone is desperate for performance boosts in a video game.
He does nothing. Does that make sense to you?

No. It does not increase my performance when I lower the resolution.

Hmm, I wonder what was in that link I replied with earlier in the thread. Maybe it was console commands? Who knows. There are no modifications for the game that increase performance. I believe there are some launch options. Here’s how you find them:

Rust Launch Commands

I wonder how many more ironic and callow comments you can post in one thread. Brings back memories of the formative years.

don’t be an idiot.

whats your specs? (summery)

We can’t help you if we don’t know what you have.

Hmm, I wonder what was in that link you gave me earlier!
OH LOOK IT’S A 404. Nice job.
Maybe you should pay attention next time.

EDIT: “Oh look, I’m going to be witty and put a LMGTFY link to 3-4 useless results! A list of launch commands with no descriptions sure does help!”

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I don’t see how that is important. Just assume I have something horrible.
What I have is not good, but it’s good enough to play all games on the source engine, Hitman Blood Money, Postal 2, etc., ect…

Ever hear of copy pasting a link into the address bar? I know, it’s a little complicated.

your specs are EXTREMELY important to help you

no one can help you if you don’t accept it

for all we know it could be outdated, or a supercomputer but because it has intigrated graphics it works poorly.

Not only that, but this could be an issue with the card. It could be an issue with the CPU, but if we don’t have specs, we’ll never know.

Are you literally retarded? Copy and pasting a link does nothing WHEN THE LINK IS A 404.

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But why does that matter? If it is a super computer, or an outdated computer, or has problems with the CPU or GPU, the only advice you’d be able to give me is “buy a new one”.

Why don’t you try it, cause it’s working perfectly. This site has issues with posting links that redirect back to the site. You are going to have to copy the link from my original post, not the quote from your reply.