Improve FPS

Please, my friend’s 1000 euro laptop with a really good graphics card can not even properly run Rust on the lowest settings.
It can even run Far Cry 4 on medium with 40 FPS… -.-

I can run this game just fine, and I don’t exactly have a top of the range build.

sigh Early access > game not fully optimized > Patience.

Sorry for not giving more detailed info, but I’m currently doing a looong raid, guarding the place, so can’t bother searching for proper instructions. Anyways, you said it’s a laptop, and Rust tends to use integrated GPU instead of dedicated, thus having extremely low performance. There are topics going around how to try to fix this issue.

and to expand, laptops often have lower specs for the price compared to desktops, so a 1000 euro laptop may have specs roughly equal to a 500 euro desktop. to compare, my $800 laptop gets about 15-20fps at fast settings with some tweaking.

for the sake of the argument, please post actual specs of his computer, and check that the game is using the gpu in game by pressing f1 and checking there.