Improve maps without decompiling?

yah thats my question id like to be able to play hl2 maps so they look like ep2 maps with all the nice features :smiley:

I believe the sdk has a few of the first levels that aren’t decompiled. Otherwise, I don’t think its possible unless you contact valve yourself.

Get cinematic mod. The character models suck apparently but the maps are vastly improved.

im looking for the method that the cinamatic mod used so i can apply it to my similar mod

You can also play Half-Life 2 on Garry’s Mod though. Just use the right guns when you get them or whatever lol.

Fail idea. There is a addon that allows you to plsy HL2 the way it was made in gmod - i forget the name but Go on and onr of its tags are HL2 or something like that…

And it’s only 11 gig! :v:


Fail idea? You’ve just said what he’s said, except you elaborated on it slightly.

he’s talking about the hl2 campaign gamemode, it strips you of your weapons and does a few small entity-based things to allow more than one person to play. I used to play it a lot on one of two servers that had it running constantly. Then both of them suddenly disappeared. I haven’t played it since.

I’m pretty sure you can extract the maps from the gcf files via gcfscape and then put them in your ep2 maps folder… but that would make your computer go :psyboom: because it would be a vast waste of space.


No, there isn’t.