Improve repairing of decayed structures

Now that decay has been added to Rust It has become much harder to repair walls if you are using a large/complicated base.

It would be very helpful if the ability to open up a menu and repair various structures in some radius was added. The time it takes to repair large amount of walls is just too much and this would make it easier for everyone, Especially people who have grouped up in order to create cities.

I’m not sure your specific suggestion is a good idea, but I’m not against an easier way to repair structures.

Perhaps when you active the logs in your inventory, rather than them just repairing what’s in front of you, you should pull them out (like a weapon, almost). With the logs out, the structure component you are looking at will be highlighted and show a health bar. Left click will repair that component. This makes it easier to aim the components (since you can see which one you’re targeting) and easier to evaluate the damage of a building. The chat messages showing repair status can then be removed as a visual indication of repair occurs (either by an animation, or just the health bar going up). You could also associate a sound effect or an animation.

The same would work for metal scraps repairing metal doors (and in the future, metal walls etc).

Thomas your solution is a slightly more elaborate version of the existing horrible experience. Why not have a buildable “maintenance” unit in your house that you activate using “e” that shows a list as per zen’s idea and can also store wood and metal which get used as you select items to repair. Also an added “repair all” button.

Of course it would be difficult to do as I doubt there is any concept of a “house” in the code, more likely just individual objects so it would have to be a radius setting? One way to improve this would be to have an adjustable radius and to place the player name that built the object in the list. You could then use a minus button to remove objects not part of the house from being in the house list. You could also have a reset button that would reanalyze the radius and build a new list.

Anyway a jumble of ideas but there certainly needs to be some work here to make it more manageable given the fast decay rates.

I’m trying to base ideas around what the dev team are aiming for. I think they’re trying to avoid having “ownership” of structures as much as possible. The way you own a house is by living in it, not by having your name associated with the structure. The idea is you can come across a half decayed house in the woods, repair it and take it as your own. Players should manage their own structures rather than having “Repair All” buttons that do it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for making structure management easier especially given decay rates, but I don’t think your ideas fit in with the style the game is going for (then again, I might be 100% wrong on what I think that style is).

Besides, it was stated that the decay system is more of a temporary measure until either the object limit is circumvented, or another way is found to keep the number of game objects down. Remember that metal and concrete structures won’t decay as much, and wooden structures are more of a temporary shelter and thus will require less maintenance in the future.

I think doubling decay rate would be just fine. Its not logical to be scared to leave the game for a full day in fear of losing your base…?

I do believe the decay rate is far too quick, I can’t leave the house for a day without coming back to all my stuff gone :frowning: A healthy lengthen on the decay time would be great!

I have spoken to Helk, and dont quote me, but he said that there should be an update to extend decay rate. If fully healed your buildings will take 4 days til they start to decay, and 12 hours thereafter if not fully healed anytime between then.

Well, it really doesn’t solve the problem. If metal and concrete structures get introduced as advertised, we will be right back where we started which is hitting some entity limits.

The decay system needs to be implemented. But right now it’s the lack of information on health of objects and decay rate that needs to be changed. As it is, you have to go around hitting hotkeys next to every piece and hoping you don’t miss anything. It sucks.

Edit: If Helk did really say 4 days. That would seem right to me. It gives you enough time to maintain without being too tedious. Then they just need a way to give the players a way to view object health status. Maybe a UI button? Or like post above with holding wood or metal could display health of objects near you.

Well it does help, it’s in alpha so you can’t expect a fully functional game in alpha, you guys have to be patient they are testing their own ideas on the game to see what will make it work better. So enjoy the game if you have the key, and earlier in chat helk said that they may be opening the option to purchase a key for the game in a few weeks. So for those who have been waiting your time may be in a few weeks.

Id say that kind of helps but it means you have to set a calendar reminder for 4 days as it will 100% that whole time, it would be far more user friendly if the decay began immediately and took 4 days to go from 100% to 0% that way say once a day or once every 2-3 days you will just remember to repair.

Some other game I used to play had a real money shop where people could buy tokens they could use to claim an area of land. One of the side effects of this claimed land was that structures inside it would no longer decay, and thus would not require repairing.

It might be worth considering to add something similar to Rust.

Cash Shop aka PayToWin


How would it be pay to win?

We need to break the entity limit. Decaying will need to be in eventually - but it needs to take MUCH longer time. Decaying isn’t going fix us hitting the entity limits - we need to break out of the limits.

If you only increase the limit, it doesn’t fix the problem. It just delays it.

Gary is alluding to the fact its a 2 pronged approach, increase the server limit on structures so that the decaying feature can be fine tuned and made more manageable for the players. This seems sensible but in the meantime it makes owning a base quite a hassle…

We can’t increase the server limit, it’s a limit for a reason. We need to come up with a system that makes the limit irrelevant.

Another possible sollution, inspired by the same game I mentioned earlier, is to add some form of quality to building materials.

A wooden structure built from high quality wood (which could for instance be a rare drop from cutting down trees) would have much slower decay than a wooden structure built from generic wood.

This would achieve several things:

  • Temporary shacks/shelters would be built from regular meterials and would decay fast.
  • Bases and more permanent structures would best be built from quality materials, and would last longer without repair
  • Structures made from quality materials would require being repaired with quality materials, limiting the size of the structure (since the quality material would be semi-rare), possibly encouraging people to band together.

Then somehow you will have to implement other means for buildings to be cleared.

Not all the time, but most of the time, when a player’s base has been raided it gets abandoned. Maybe there can be ways for raiders to ‘raze’ bases after they have control. But there is no current way to determine control.

Also, some of the latest patches have been encouraging players to build more elaborate bases to prevent breaching. Being able to bypass doors and destroy walls with explosives only makes players want to build bigger. Being able to build next to others bases is another encouragement. Most recent bases were built with pillars on foundations to prevent raiders from building next to them. Players like to feel safe, if they don’t they build bigger.

Granted, some will build big because they can, but it’s worth some thought.

I acknowledge there is a technical limit that you need to find a way around but anything that reduces the games impact on this limit would be of value. If it is an “object” limit eg. each object has a unique key and there is a limit on the number it can handle, then how about allowing crafted items that are the equivalent of multiple items. For instance for walls people build 2 pillars and a wall, then combine in inventory and place as a single object in their house. 3 objects then become 1? I’m sure it could be expanded beyond just walls too? What about a storage unit which is essentially 3 to 4 storage boxes in a single item? 4 becomes 1. What about a furnace that can cook the same amount as 5 fires. Some people place 20+ fires to cook stuff fast, this could substantially reduce objects?

Just a thought.