Improved Gordon Reskin (Possible New Head model)

Ok, here’s the deal, we have all see the MANY Gordon’s out there. Some VERY nice, others that look like they fell out of an ugly tree and hit ever branch on the way down.
Romka’s and Kathar’s being the best models, but the texture don’t live up to their potential.

I was hoping for a reskin of either Romka’s or Kathar’s Gordon using elements of these two textures:

Some 'shop work would be required to place them properly on the their maps, but it should look quite good in the end.

Also, I’ve noticed there haven’t really been any head that do the images of Gordon justice.
Perhaps a new head model could be made, trying to match these pictures:

I’m hoping for Fakefactory level quality but I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

I’ll agree that Romka’s model was a good one that suffered from a really poor head texture. So i tried to make him look better.

I’m still not quite done with him but i think he turned out rather well. I heavily edited his head texture from a hi-res Fakefactory citizen, Added bump/phong maps for his head texture, Hacked on new glasses and edited his hair shape. Don’t mind the eyes; That’s just some fancy shaders i’m using. I didn’t do much to the suit though. He compares very well with Fakefactory’s retextures and has full Face, Eye and Finger Posing.

But i doubt i’ll ever release him. I don’t think Romka takes kindly to edits of his models and the model itself has gotten such a poor reception here that if i release it it’s likely to be treated the same way regardless of what i do with him.

if you don’t release it to the public, can i have it? like maybe through email or something? cause i really like it and its so far the only good gordon model here, cause kathar’s has a messed up torso, this other one i found is too pale and doesn’t look like gordon, and one other one isn’t going to be released for a while. . . so i would appreciate it if i could have it :smiley:

Search a little more narrowbandss

i know about THAT one, i mean the new head model that"s shown above

that is the one shown above

the one above has slightly better hair and more detail than the one on

Considering i made both reskins, That old version is pretty bad compared to the current one on

Still, If you really want it you can still get it here:

And that’s why I’m working on this:

On what? I see nothing behind the :


Looking good, keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Oh, wow, looks good!

(this is the oldest living thread i have ever seen. ever)

I’m working on getting it higher res and a normal map, which is damn hard for something like this, CrazyBump doesn’t help much. And in case you couldn’t tell, I’m using Hugh Laurie as a base for the texture.