Improved Halo 2 marine

**If you hate Halo, please leave.**

As you can obviously see, I improved it greatly. Far better rigging, way less errors, has male head with full face posing, has combine gloves with a great skin, and fingers are finger pose-able.
Comments and suggestions are welcome.

not exactly one for halo, but that doesn’t mean the models aren’t kick ass. good job

Guess I have to leave :C

Thank you Dubeard for the positive comments. :slight_smile:




I been trying to reskin your old ones for a long time, it’s a bitch. But the legs are to fat.

And he needs more orange goggles like the halo 3 one.

Errrrm, the knee pads are abit high to be useful, don’t you agree?

Add an ODST helm to him and maybe i can reskin him to Halo 3 ODST :smiley:

thats a great model +10

Will do.

I’ll list the textures:
Combine Sheet, for the gloves
Halo 2 textures for the armor, the helmet, and his clothing/ammo bags
^^ there are about 3 textures for those ^^
DoD:S textures for his back packs
Then there would be my modified ODST sheet for the helmet.

Thanks Mosquito :slight_smile:

Great job…So gonna use this in some pose.


I sure wish there was a higher quality version. hint hint

Well it sure is an improvement your right there. You just going to do one male head?

He’s going to do all males eventually.