"Improved" Metropolice

I’unno. I got bored so I thought I’d do these guys.


But Mr. Taggart, sir, didn’t a guy already do headhacks for helmetless metrocops?

Stop right there boyo, this isn’t just the male citizens, this is for Barney and the normal cop too. If you didn’t notice,


So yeah.

ALSO COMPARISON: O is the Original CP, N is this new CP.


Now the thing is, since I was bored, I don’t even know if I want to release these guys etc, and I can’t possibly see what they’d be used for.

All I know for sure is they’re done and they all match the normal cop(who now matches Barney with that neckthing).

But yeah, C&C etc.

That’s pretty cool, the pose is also pretty good :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh hey, that’s awesome.

You should put some of the main characters in this, like Alyx, Kleiner, etc.

I was JUST about to type about how theese looked like just regular headhacks that so and so made long ago, but then I read your comment, Im amazed.

love the posing in the picture

Can we please get a side by side comparison of the masked metrocops that you made and the default?

Nice job too.

What the hell man! You stole my idea!


Thank you Taggart for redoing them since for some reason the other one’s wouldn’t work.


O is the original, N is my new one.

Not much of a noticeable difference. It still does look a bit better though.

The changes are meant to be subtle.

Now if I had made the jacket go down to his ankles and also made the boots around the size of the common walking boot, then you’d notice it more. :v:

You should really improve the boots if you want to call them “improved”

If I had your permission I would have used the boots from “them” but I know that wouldn’t happen D=

I had every single male done, all the main characters too!
Eli (pegleg & 2 legs!)
Gordon Freeman (Romka’s version too)

There might have been more, but I don’t know. I lost them when my hard drive got fried. :tinfoil:

Delicious, Taggart. Absolutely delicious.

Also Taggart probably made your hard drive fry so he could have them all to himself.

What are you talking about, me and Bloo are hack brothas.

It’d be nice if you re-uvmapped the boots so they could be skinned with any degree of accuracy.

As bad as I am at UVing, I am going to try.

Not very good, you barely changed a thing