Improved Ninjas Citizens.


Nice work.

Ninja’s. :ninja:

I remember these from Shortbits.

Awesome, now get back to work on those Improved Citizens >:c

Just kidding! :buddy:

I remember these guys! I made a really bad looking screenshot of the dojo fight scene from the matrix using these!

I actually remember the original ones…

Very nice, and how do you get the ep2 eye shaders?

I gave them to him.

Oh you know Madman is going to use these ninjas. :v:

Awesome I was just wanting Ninja Citizens! Thanks :slight_smile:

I’d all but forgotten about these. How ‘improved’ are they? Like, noticably?

I love these! I made a quick picture with them, lol!

Unlike the improved citizens that are coming out, which have separated fingers and bodygroups and such, These only have bumpmaps and phong.

Are these ones hexed, unlike the original?


You know ninja’s where all black right?

Talk to it about the original skinner,I didn’t touch the original texture.

Are they hexed?


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