'Improved' Overwatch soldier



Description: A Combine skin that just got shat on and then jumped into a toilet.

Requirements: None.

Filesmelt Download: http://filesmelt.com/downloader/New_Combine_Soldier1.zip

Filefront Download: http://www.filefront.com/14719957/New%20Combine%20Soldier.zip

A fucking shitty reskin that looks raped in every possible way. Credits to J.Barnes for helping with the eyes and other self-illuminating stuff.

Un-edited pic:


List of changes I made:

-Coloured the Overwatch logo to blue.
-Edited the eyes.
-Added the Combine insignia to the chest armor and Overwatch skull logo to the back.
-Re-coloured the armor. Same colours, different style.
-Added shittyness. Yes. Shittyness. As you can see from the comments.
-Added bumpmaps.
-Added white stripes to the trousers.
-Doubled the amount of “filter holes” in the mask.
-Made the upper part of the mask darker.

Download or be assimilated.

Looks like they just crawled out of a toilet.

Like i said it looks like you went mad with a gunge brush and the grey color.

Constructive criticism please :frown:

But please mods, change the title.

I think they look nice :smiley:
Dled :smiley:

Helmet looks nice imo. Kind of rusty looking from the body.

It’s always nice to recieve positive comments from skilled guys.

Thank you :tiphat:

Really doesn’t look bad. I’m willing to get any combine skin released(unless it’s REALLY bad), need more variety of skins for elites and soldiers.

It’s pretty good.
Look’s like they’re wearing Snake Skin vests.
Got my DL.

That’s definitely not what I was trying to make it look like, so I think it failed.

i think you have some self-esteem issues :c

Well, if people say it’s bad all the way from the first comment, why should I start arguing about it or anything? It’s bad, and I see it now. I thought it was good when it was still in the making, but it’s bad.

About self-esteem, I generally don’t have any. I lost it about four years ago.

I can’t see why you should release something like this even if you yourself think it’s shit

what was it supposed to look like?

Overall I think it shows a good effort. Some things you might want to think about next time around though,

-The sharpen tool can either make or break a skin sometimes. It looks like you went a bit too far with it. Personally whenever I skin I use Unsharp Mask with a value of around 15-25. It’ll bring out the details a bit more without going to the extreme.

-The logo is a nice touch, but it stretches out too far. Centering it a little more around the breast and making it smaller will do.

-Eyes look good. They stand out and I like the color.

-I have to agree with the others who posted. You did go a bit far with your grunge brushes. My advice is to look at real world references. Use smaller brush sizes and play around with it’s opacity/fill and whatnot.

-Tutorialized and CGtextures are good places to start for beginners, and a nice resource for more seasoned skinners.

-Filesize was HUGE. Whenever you save a skin, save it as either DXT1 or DXT5. It’ll decrease filesize and still maintain it’s detail. DXT1 is the lowest saving usually at around 2-2.66MB, while DXT5 saves at around 5-5.66MB. I’ve heard that the texture quality can change depending on the format saved, but only slightly. This is just through my experience though. So you might want to experiment with this one a little.

-Never get discouraged. EVERYONE’S first skin or two is bound to be sub par have problems (ie. suck). When I first started skinning I got all sorts of shit. But over time I kept at it, read tutorials, refined my style etc. Skinning is a never ending learning process. And like many things in life, it requires practice, practice, practice.

Also I went ahead and hexed it for you. And fixed the aformentioned filesize on the textures. Keep it up Joazz. :slight_smile:


Maybe the most useful reply I’ve ever got. Seriously. Thanks.

Oh and by the way, I made a new reskin because this failed, but although I did the alpha channel trick right and all, the skin is fullbright. What’s wrong?

I didn’t realize it was so bad before I released it :frown:

It looks alright, but I personally don’t like it very much. Not enough to download it.

I like the eyes, and I think that’s about it. I prefer the combine skins I have right now over this, sorry.

Well better then to have an ego problem from criticism like someone we know. D:

I’m skill? D:

Look ancient, he’s gonna fall apart any second.

And thats why I like it