(Improved physics) Deformation of objects


I think that the idea of creating a physics allowing to deform objects as for example, a vehicle which crushes a garbage bag filled with waste and which after the impact, scatters the pieces of garbage bag and the crushed waste. Or for example, a barrel being deformed by the impact of bullets. That would be epic!

Consider the amount of control of entities with C#, you can allow custom physics similar to GMod.

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For the garbage bag splitting into pieces, Source2 lets you define props to break a prop into. Its freaking cool


The rest maybe you could do with scaling properties on props

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That’s not even remotely close to what he’s asking for.

He’s asking for softbody physics and that ain’t happening I’m afraid.

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Soft body physics are in S&box, but you’re right in saying that what he means ain’t happening, the most realistic thing we could get that is similar to what he’s saying is smart gibs, like how you can shoot specific arms off of zombies in L4D, but with props, that’s would be more reasonable than what he’s asking.

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Smart gibs would work, but you could do some mesh deformation if we’re able to change geometry in real time. The main question is getting it to be performance friendly, and how you would deal with things like uv maps.

Most of the time you can get good results with parallax decals, smart gibs and “pre-crushed” parts that you swap out. These methods are also much more performance friendly.

Don’t forget that we actually have a particle editor now, so those are also a possibility. (Think about concrete chunks when gibbing a road barrier)