Improved picker command


Download](<-- Screenshot in here

What it does
Lets you see and copy info about all clientside entities
Mouse-over displays entity info such as class, model, color, position, angles, health and so on.

How to use
bind key picker2
bind key +picker2_copy
For more info see the “Usage” section of the description in the Lua file.

Version history

  • Made picker2_decimals fault-tolerant
  • Updated for gmod 13 beta


  • works without wiremod again.
  • Made label positions a lot more consistent, especially if there is a lot of them.
  • You can now display PhysObjs/bones of ragdolls. “picker2” now cycles between disabled/ents/bones.


  • Added cvars for decimals and centerdist.
  • Added box around labels. picker2_box 0 to disable.


  • First public release by me. Adds copying to clipboard and lags a bit less.

ReaperSWE’s version

  • This is what I based on

ReaperSWE for making the original picker2

I made repositories on GitHub for all my stuff. the picker is available at:

This URL can also be used by an SVN client.

I made something like this aaaagees ago. I even forgot it wasn’t default on Gmod, and only noticed when I wiped the entire addons folder.
Good job none the less. :3:

do you still have it? maybe I can steal some ideas g

Ha it’s one of my old OLD scripts. It’s unreadable by non-minge eyes. It might hurt your brain D:

watching it in action would do, to steal the ideas :slight_smile:

I updated it a bit, after a long while.
You can now see a ragdoll’s bones and the labels now stack better.

If you copy a bone’s “Bone:” entry, it copies a piece of Expression2 code that can be used to retrieve that bone.
If you prefer Lua, you can uncomment line 332 and comment line 331 to make it copy Lua code.

nice release

Sounds interesting–Can you make it say (I’m a noob, I don’t know if you said this already-I don’t know the correct word for it.) on an npc to say the full name? Ex: Scrolling over a citizen will say “npc_citizen”? or over a combine soldier say “npc_combine_s”?

By the way, [lazy]Screen shots?[/lazy]

click the download link for a screenshot
you can get the class name by pointing your crosshair at an object, including NPCs.
you can even copy the class name (and other attributes) to the clipboard by holding +picker2_copy and releasing it over the desired item.

EDIT: oops, accidentally used a function from wiremod :smiley:
1.21 works without wiremod again.

Thanks ^^.

I made an SVN for all my stuff. the picker is available at:
-snip old url-

If any of the original authors (ReaperSWE and whomever he based on) want SVN access, PM me with your google code account

Thanks a lot! I can’t live without this thing! :slight_smile:

I updated this for gmod 13. Download is in the first post

I fixed download link. apparently the images used for those are down.

I added a note on how to use GitHub’s SVN bridge to the first post.

I registered to say this,

This is amazing but can you let it see holograms again, its a real pain in the ass that it cant retrieve hologram details

hmm these holograms are entities, right?
they should show up

[ERROR] lua/picker/rs_picker.lua:42: attempt to index global ‘_R’ (a nil value)

  1. unknown - lua/picker/rs_picker.lua:42

update pls?

Feel free, the source is on github. The link is in the original post.

I know this isn’t the worst bump, but does anybody have a link to the worst - intrested.