Improved Polyweld Tool


This tool takes two or more props and welds them together.

The difference between this tool, the smart weld tool, or the multiparent tool is that this tool literally combines the physics meshes of each prop together.
What does that mean? For all intents and purposes, your props are now one single prop.
Watch the video for more information.

This version does not crash the game like the old version and is much more stable.
Useful for Flood, DarkRP, and any Sandbox-based gamemode. Will cut lag almost entirely from servers which typically have lots of unfrozen welded props.
This version also includes more features as a tool.

Use sbox_maxpolysize to change the maximum amount of props which can be PolyWelded at once. 100 is default.
Setting this too high might allow minges to crash the server with 400-prop PolyWelds. It’s not THAT stable…

Some credit to Sir Haza for making the original tool, even though the code is hardly the same in this version.


how well does it duplicate?

holy dick
I wish I had this when I still played gmod, about 4-5 years ago, that’d be a godsend

Yeah I remember the days of welds being so clunky that when you attached thrusters to make ships etc the props would literally bend apart, glitch to hell and eventually kill you unless you nocollided them all.


I too was wondering how well does it dupe, so i tried. It looks like the whole duplication works (didn’t try to save and load with basic duplicator). Only little problem there is with duplicating is ghosting of stuff. It seems to only show that cube. One more thing i found out is that it’s a bad idea to weld some entities, at least acf cannons. So, to anyone who will complain about not working stuff after poly welding: not all stuff likes it so be careful and always make a copy just before poly welding. Still great tool i always wanted.

This is nice. Some things I noticed from my brief testing:
• Original color is removed from the models
• Option to remain frozen/asleep would be nice

Need to know how this works out. Could change a lot of stuff.

Seems like it doesn’t support CPPI

Very nice! Can you please add an autoselect option like smart weld also has?

E and click to autoselect.