Improved terminator model texture

I was disappointed in the default, pretty low-res termie model texture, so I made a new one. Looks more like metal, and I added bumpmaps. The very hi-res head texture came with the version I got from FPSbanana, but I improved it a bit too. I also edited the eyes, but didn’t manage to make them self-illuminate. Pics to compare the new one and the old one:
The old one (Not my picture, credits to whoever made the original pic.)
The new one (Yes, I did take in-game shots, but when I quit GMod, it crashed and I lost the pics.)

Download or be terminated. with

I included the hexed terminator model in the download, so that you don’t have to search around the net looking for the model itself. Credits to the hexer and awesome S-Low who made the model.

Did you fix the holster thing for us without CS:S?

Buy cs:s it’s piss cheap

No thankyou, I don’t think its worth it (even though its cheap).

Mow some lawns, it’s worth the bloody money

Stop telling people what to do and talk about the skin maybe?

I think it looks good but there isn’t that much of a difference.

No it’s not, CS 1.6 is a lot better lol

Back on topic, this looks quite good reskin.

Finally I might use that ragdoll, the original textures were horrible!

Still looks kind of bad. :I

Better than the old one, but not great or anything.

i think someone need’s to rip the terminators from the new game maybe them ones will look way better

Old one looked too much like a T-700. Nice reskin.

its shinier, i like it butsomeone should get rid of the holster, t888s dont have holsters attache to their body.


o yeah and why arent some parts even colored? theyre only that shade of grey looks kinda weird.

Yea I was considering hexing it to have a transparent texture for the holster (as it just shows as pink and black squares for me) but i’ve never used it enough to really be bothered :slight_smile:

NO! I have private ports from the game and the textues look so low

jason278 i have the game running on max and the skins to me look way better than this one

imho it still look bad…(for me)
the model itself is way too low-poly

Ports ten to look much worse than the game itself

Hmm, maybe its the way they were ported. Sorry

Hey Joazzz, can my and Shotgunguy49 use this to replace the current Terminator texture in our player model pack?