Improved WWII Airborne soldiers

Some time ago, I released some World War II american airborne soldiers. Later I realized that the skins I had on them were pretty crap. So I got a better skin for the Day of Defeat Source soldiers from FPSBanana, made by KnifeInFace and made them fit on those models. I don’t wanna type much, so I’ll just quote the previous thread:

This pack has 2 things improved:

  1. Much better looking body and gear skin, again, made by KnifeInFace from FPSB
  2. Improved physics, which should make posing, especially gunposing WAAAAY easier


As the original thread said, you can change the helmet skin (plain and netted), by aiming at the ragdoll in gmod, opening the console and typing in “ent_fire !picker skin” and then 0 or 1.
You can get the different gear bodygroups or remove the helmet by using the bodygroup changer, which can be found here:

Once again, I take no credit for the new skin, it was fully made by KnifeInFace from FPSBanana, along with the normal maps that I used here. I ONLY made that skin fit on these models. Original KnifeInFace’s submission can be found here:


Note: You do not need the original files for this to work, everything you need is included in this pack.

Kickass, as with the originals.

These look much better. Nice work!

Wow, amazing. Thank you kind sir!

Hot damn.

Vastly improved. I still think their heads are just a little too big

Nice. They look a lot better, although I don’t like the facemaps, but that’s not that big of a deal. Now if someone would do some Germans…

I was looking forward to this, thanks mate.

wow they actually look a lot better than the last ones I saw

Fuck yeah, these look much better

I’m curious if anyone will ever make some German models.

Probably not.