Improvement/ more realistic idea's

I know rust seems a bit difficult as is but i find when you bleed and you can just bandage its the end of it. I think there should be proper care. If the said proper care isn’t taken internal hemmorage can occur. I think it should have an affect of ocasional bleeding when moving frequently and even more susceptible to the cold. All commentary is Considered! Also there should be a few seconds to use said bandages and health kits to make it more difficult to have a fire fight with no clothes on and be like a tank on steroids with all those health kits.~Infernius

Rust Surgeon Simulator 2014
Could be a lot of fun.

lol i laughed when i saw this but i feel if we have to repair things it should be harder to heal yourself aswell and more process

a bit too complicated

better to just make actually healing take holding down click for 7 seconds

Sounds kinda better but there could still be a possiblity of naked tanks i think it should atleast require like a sutcher (idk how to spell that x.x) to fully prevent bleeding from said wound atleast

suture (Googled it :v:)

at least 7 second, or even 5, would make it impossible in open combat

No longer wasting 5 stacks of large medikits for a fight.
Garry, do it!
You also did that with walls (5 seconds cooldown).

I just hoped for a bit more realism atleast make it to where if sprinting for long periods they can cause bleeding :suicide:

Wait… so it is more realistic to spontaneously start bleeding while running?

Not trying to be troll-ish, I just feel like I’m misreading this lol.

Bleeding because you sprinted too long.
Made my day.

No if they don’t use a suture (Tankah jinx for the correction) they can cause bleeding :words:

They could also implement Some sort of Styptic medication as either a bandage replacement(with bandages being used for something different) or as an alternative.

If they were to use bandages for something else i would think they would implement fractured or broken bones and bandages and (possibly) morphine for the injuries

OP has a point, but I could probably fill both sides a of a piece of paper if I had to point out the realism (or lack thereof) in this game. Examples:

Get shot or bitten by an animal? A simple bandage takes care of the bleeding, move on.

Fall off a tall-ass rock and break your legs? Take a minute or two and walk it off.

lol getting shot and bitten by an animal? That just made my day of gray :quagmire:

or better yet, less health means far higher calorie burning and slower sprinting.

Honestly I think if you want more realism they should start by taking away being able to craft an m4 or mp5,p250,9mm pistol with a simple wood work bench or killing bears and wolf to have them drop you pieces of leather armor or blueprints or food and research kits

Lmao, oops…yeah, maybe a I should have worded that a little differently. I don’t think I’ve been shot by an animal (yet).