Improvements in newest GMod, v68

Dear Garry:

I was using v58 and updated to v68.

-Saves now fails with many ragdolls. (FF ragdolls mainly). They can be loaded but affected ragdolls are all corrupted. v58 was fine.

-can no longer use model manipulator on ragdolls. v58 was fine.

-the noclip movement behavior was changed. Terrific! Did you ever tried to do anything with this new way of moving?
In v58 if I tap moving in any direction I only move slowly at first than gaining speed to max. This allowed to do posing easily.
Now if I tap moving I immediately move at max speed resulting to move 1m instead of 10cm. This cause posing and generally everything harder than before. Why can’t you just leave it as it was? At least give an option to set how we want this to work.

-Spawnmenus. They were fucked up when you updated to orangebox engine and you failed to fix them ever since. What I mean that there are certian situation when opening certain spawnmenus resulting instant crash. No there are no problems with the models themselfs because browse tab can show them fine but for some strange reason spawnmenus can’t. (sometimes they can). My favorite that there are spawnmenus I can’t open right away even after I start a new game because it crash. but if I first browse something totally different than I can. (sometimes, not always.)

What the fuck is wrong with you? I refuse to believe you are really this incompetent! Pull yourself together and do something already!

Let garry know.

the most fixes garry did was to the lua coders,

and ur correct, the noclip is quite bad now :frowning: but if u hold ctrl u wil do slow insead of fast.

and whats FF?XD

Congratulations, you can maths.

Adv Duplicator.

…why the fuck would you want to?

Hold your crouch key (default <CTRL>) and move then. Not that fucking hard.

Delete your settings/spawnlist folder.

I used to need medication, I have Aspergers, I’m anti-social IRL…oh you meant GARRY!

Hmm, I wonder.

Probably the best course of action, save you from further embarrassment

I did that ~1 year ago. Well, about the spawnmenus. He said he’s looking the problem. It appears he’s doing that ever since.

What I wrote are facts.
He’s fucking up things and they not get fixed usually. like the spawnmenus.

Adv dupe. can save constrained props. Not ragdolls. +it’s causing savegames to fail even more.

You don’t even know what model manipulator is don’t you?

Yes, holding down one more key is what we need.

That’s bullshit. You are a moron.

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Maybe you should make standalone gmod v58 version and use it.

Yes, I’m using v58 gcf.
it’s free from the recent fuckups but also has the spawnmenu crash bug…

Or he labeled it “WontFix” because he can’t fix it, or the community has already fixed it.


See first response.

Have you tried it? It works on ragdolls fine.

It swaps models. It’s right there in the fucking name. Now, why the fuck would you want to use Model Manipulator on ragdolls when you can just replace with different ragdolls?

You can also hold <SHIFT> to go lightspeed. It works, you get used to it.

I love you too, now let’s buttfuck

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Is that a perm ban? Well you guys are strict here
i must me careful

im also haveing the problem with the ragdoll manipulator

help would be apreceated

It’s not a perma ban, but all things are possible.

His post was fine, until this part:

This is what will get you banned. Stray away from name calling and actually make a sensible argument.