Improvements - ongoing thread

Hello everyone,
For now I’ll keep this thread basic and to the point and make it look pretty later:



Bow - A headshot with a bow does not cause any added damage modifiers which is odd because having an arrow in the head would surely instantly kill you. I shot two people one with armor and without in the head with a bow and they did not instantly die a bug maybe. Needs to fixed or amended.
M4 - Add a vertical grip to decrease weapon sway.


Research Kit - Upgrade from 1 use to 5 as it sort of defeats the purpose of paper. I know you need it to make the initial BP but it doesn’t seem like a worthy requirement anymore.

Skills - A skill system that allows your character to be upgraded to perform specific takes faster. ex: Hunting - Allows the player to collect more materials from the animal (First Tier), Allows the player to collect materials faster from the animal (Second Tier), Allows the player (with a Hunting Bow or Bolt Action Rifle) to score a critical hit on an animal and instantly kill (Heart, Head) (Third Tier).
- Player

Zombie Attraction - As Players make bigger buildings, once they have gotten to a certain part size they will start to spawn zombies around the building and as they increase the part size more (deadlier) zombies will spawn.

Any feed back would be good and any additions you’d like to make.

Already got a much more in depth version of this, will be out tonight

You rated it dumb because I’ve started the thread before your one. Just wow.

Im just tired of seeing 5 suggestion threads on every page, nothing personal.

zombies are planned to be replaced with something else, I highly doubt they are going to waste time with them.

Actually, he has had a series of threads about it for over a month now, closer to two months…

this sounds amazing, i cant wait! im also still waiting for a map to be adding to the game. i think that a “group” system would be very cool as well, like you can see where your friends are on the map.

Not gonna happen.

I think it’s bedtime for lil’ crusader

More graphics options!

I know he was correct in his response. However if you wish to promote less than constructive communication on this forum that is your prerogative.


another cool thing that would be to add a 3rd person point of view.

Yes, and an autorun feature. Or maybe a map which shows us our location. Or undestructable doors.
Or totally on top of my wishlist: assisted aiming! You know, the thing which puts your crosshair on your target as soon as you aim somewhere remotely close to it?

How about no.

I like the current one-use system, though I usually end up at an approximate 1 : 25 ratio on research kits to paper. I think instead of finding full sheets of paper we should instead find scraps of paper and have to combine them to make full sheets.

Also, I read somewhere about blueprint changes: they discussed making partial prints that have to be combined to 100%. Instead of making and combining prints, I think the partial prints should be studied, which adds to a progress bar in your crafting menu. the M4, for example, would not be in your book. You obtain (however they decide) a partial print and study it. M4 is added to your book–though still grayed out–and mousing over it shows your progress to crafting knowledge. The primary reason behind this is to reduce the potential clutter of a bunch of different partial prints, while also infusing a hint of progressive character development.

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Do head-shots on players kill them instantly? Not sure (hardly ever get into fights), but if not then arrows probably shouldn’t either.

As for zombie attraction, I don’t think this is good. It creates a second layer of defense from raiders. Take the 30-man group that’s been posting elsewhere: their base is probably huge with a ton of doors (not to mention personnel.) If someone wanted to raid it, they would have to wade through a horde of zombies first. Blah. Secondly, it gives them a free-farm right outside their door. I think the danger of building a large base lies in grabbing attention and any environmental factors to make it more dangerous are unnecessary.

Thanks for your pointless comments.