Improvements to RAD system

I’ve been camping the RAD zones until my entire inventory is full. I start naked, and usually come out with a few weapons, RAD armor, tons of ammo, and i have a couple stacks of rad pills at my house(around 480 pills). If I die by another player, there’s no loss, and all gain.

The RAD zones are supposed to be areas that deter undergeared players, and require some sort of items to explore, but you find more RAD pills and food items that reduce your RAD levels than you will need to use.

Here are my solutions to this exploit:
-Lower the RAD threshold to 200 for naked players so you are effected by radiation at 200 RADs rather than 500.
-Increase the RAD threshold for each piece of armor the player puts on. ~90 for pants, ~110 for vest, ~40 for boots, ~60 for helmet. These numbers are just rough estimates.
-Remove RAD resistance from all armors EXCEPT the RAD suit. I like the idea of the RAD suit offering less protection from attacks, but more protection from radiation, but it’s completely unbalanced when I can sit in a rad zone with full kevlar, which provides the MOST protection, and just hoard all the items for myself. It makes the RAD suit useless.
-Add a “stack” system. Example, every 30 seconds or so, you gain a “Stack” each “stack” will make you gain ~5-10 RAD per tick. so 2 stacks will give you ~10-20, 3 stacks ~15-30 so on and so forth. You have to be out of the RAD area for ~1 minute until you start losing stacks. Maybe change RAD pills to reduce 1 stack and -100 RADs.

All of these numbers are just for examples. Of course they’d need more testing and what not. It’s the idea that matters :stuck_out_tongue:

Having a bit of rad resistance to the armour would make a bit more sense. But I agree the rad system is too simple and easy to bypass. I also want to add an idea where there are more interesting and difficult rad spots that have loot inside them yet players would need more preparation such as a full rad suit. Also the rad pills are too easy to find, so I say to make them rare!

as it is, the RAD zones all vary in intensity. some barely effect you at all, and some are a bit more intense and you can only stay for a minute or so naked. I farm one that’s pretty large with 4 of those 2-story houses. the Radiation is somewhat intense, but i find so many RAD pills, it doesnt even matter. I agree that the RAD pills should be a bit more rare, or at least spawn in smaller stacks.

If they do keep RAD resistance on any armor, just keep it on leather. But to have it on the best armor in the game is just a bit OP. Balance comes with “this or that” not “this AND that” so you should have to sacrifice rad resistance for bullet and melee defense with the kevlar.

it dont need a lot of improvement…for me it’s fine but if you using a full set rad…you should get like 200 per hour.

lol 200 RAD per hour? so you could stay in the zone for 2 and a half hours before you even have to either leave or take a single rad pill. yeah… that’s WAY too soft. I don’t even use my RAD suit. I either go completely naked, or in full kevlar.

At least 1/3rd of the zombies shouldn’t drop anything at all. That would solve so many problems so easily.

Well, I dont even have to kill the zombies! I just loot the crates. if a zombie gets in my way, i kill it… but only if i have a weapon… and I start every run naked.

I play on the official servers and looting crates is not so easy due to other players camping it or building hunting bases very near. What are the spawn rates for the crates anyway?

i play on official too. I guess I’d be considered a camper :stuck_out_tongue:
idk what the spawn rates are. i just know i run through the entire town, and by the time im done, crates are respawned.

I think the whole nature of rad zones is changing.

I hope…at least.

I doubt they will remain as slowly damaging zombie infested areas. At the very least, the zombies are going.

The problem really is;
If you make it any harder, the rewards will rarely be worth the expidition.
If you don’t make it harder, it’s an easy way for new players to skip tech tiers.

In my opinion, it should be quite difficult, requiring great items, skill or cooperation to traverse.
But grant unique and unusual items, things that there are no other way of obtaining, but don’t directly effect balance.
For example, if they ever add food spoilage, one might find a mini-fridge, or an eski, remnants from whatever used to happen on the island.
Or perhaps you can find customizable items there, things like hats, clothes, shoes, that you can collect as a group, so that you and your friends can easily identify each other.

That sort of thing, helpful or useful items, but not technology tiers or weaponry.

You never know, they might even adjust the loot items

This is a good matter to bring up. I agree the system could be improved a bit. I agree with the armor adding resistance and RAD suit should be the only kind of resistance provided. Some things like the stacks I don’t agree with. Maybe if it was eased into the game because an instant change like that would be to drastic.

They should make it way harder to survive the RAD zones. Maybe make it you need rad pills to remove the radiation condition. ( so no pills = your dead ). Make it degrade slower. Lower the respawn time ( its way to high now )

  • They could add radiation to the items you collect in it. ( degrades over time out of the zone )
  • This would also make it you cant carry to many rad items without getting radiation poisoned

As a result they could increase the amount of ammo/food/… found in this place ( sort of high risk/reward )

alot more than rad pills need to be rare , rad towns should not have free weapons and ammo
zombies should not drop weapons and ammo either

rad pills dont even make sense , they amount to nothing more than a means to bypass a mechanic

what the hell is the point for scavenging for rescourses to make pipe shotguns , if i can camp a rad town and get, mp5s, pistols ,m4s ,explosive, food, more ammo than you could ever get crafting , blue prints , research boxes , rad suits , bandages and med kits .

i mean holy shit , dont bother living anywhere other than a rad town because the rest is wasted effort.

yeah, the stacks are just an idea.