Improvements to Rust

I think it would be cool and maybe a bit more realistic (I know not everything has to be realistic. :D) to have, instead of wood piles and rocks, a bigger map that can support faculties where you get metal and Sawmills to get wood. The maps for each server should be huge, this would make it where cars make sense. Make it where building a house isn’t as easy as 1,2,3 and make it where there isn’t just straight up KOSing while I am in a field collecting (I am not bitching about KOSing, I see a lot of it though from other people) this would give a reason for having a vehicle and would make it where you play more stealthily, afraid to shoot at another player, where there are buildings because you don’t know who is near and who could potentially hear the gunfire. Obviously make it where you can’t build near the sawmills and such, and make it where there are cities too, to loot from instead of rad towns. Having radiation is cool but I think there is more danger in going into a city that could potentially be super populated is more dangerous, since the map is bigger and less open you could make it where headshots are a one shot kill with certain weapons. This would make the game more survivor based, instead of just camping in your home and combat logging when you hear footsteps near your house, taking all your stuff with you. Sleeper servers prevent this, but I don’t see it working with new players trying to get a home built, not everyone has the time to play for 4-6 hours straight to get a decent home.

Tell me what you think about these ideas, I want the map to be big and more populated with buildings, cities and just landmarks in general.