Improvements to Rust

Hello everyone! I was playing Rust since it was in browser and followed the development every step of the way. Now there is a completely remade version of it and it is not quite enjoyable as the previous one yet, but here are my ideas to improve it, i won’t mention XP systems and pet dragons, chill.

First of all the setting of Rust is post apocalyptic it seems since there are towns and roads with radiation and multiple monuments, and there was a disaster that made most of mankind get wiped out, after all of that everything is still so green and alive like I’m painting a children’s book. The color of everything should be a little more yellow for plants, a bit darker water, sand and snow. It would add that survival and post apocalyptic feel to the game.

Current blueprint system makes no sense, why wouldn’t anyone be able to make a simple bow without getting a blueprint? It makes it very frustrating to get cloth, which is impossible without a bow, that can be found in loot barrels and towns, so please make the bow a starting recipe.

The way that guns and loot system works splits us up in 2 groups: The guys with guns and guys without guns. The guns dominate over the ones without them since it is practicly impossible to kill a guy with a gun using a spear or a bow (unless the shooter is cross-eyed), the eoka pistol helps this out but it is still very hard, maybe something as simple as a single use barrel that has the same firing system as the Eoka, but with longer range, lower damage and a tiny stone that gets fired out?

The landscape feels a bit empty, there is no variation to it, there are some flat forests with trees, tons of grassland, deserts, and mountains, and it all feels the same wherever you are, the idea here is, make the terrain a bit more wavy, add trees to the grassland at least at the edge of it, make the ground water have a shape of a river and make it so that it is shorter and crossable without losing half of your health! You get where I’m going?

The modern Firearms, ahh yes, they were there since the beginning of Rust, and got replaced with those toy like makeshift shotguns and assault rifles, since there was a civilisation before, why are there no modern weapons?
They shouldn’t have any bigger advantage over the current ones, since they both fire bullets, just the compability with gun mods, which were in legacy too. Those were fun to use even tho there were only 4 they were still fun!
The idea is not to make them as rare as unicorns, but to make pistols since they are more of the Personal defense type and people were more likely to have them, spawn more frequently than the Assault rifles, which should spawn in, wait for it, Millitary camps! Yay! If there are radtowns, make those there too, but with almost no guns in them, since millitary got mobilised to control the riots before the Apocalypse and took all the guns! More loot areas than rad towns would be amazing, especially houses, since you know, people had to live somwhere, and let them have food in, like apples, candy bars and stuff that you would find in those pesky loot barrels!

These are the most sane ideas i had recently and please consider them! If you disagree proceed to flame in the comments, and if you want to change something to that too, it’s not forbidden!

Bow is a default blue print, I take it you haven’t played recently since you’re still under the impression that it needs a blueprint.

Nobody has stated the environment is done yet, and the devs have a goal in mind to improve it, so saying it needs work is kind of redundant.

Maybe more modern guns could be in airdrops but beyond that they wouldn’t fit the theme of make-shift crafted with whats available. Go to any mostly deserted island and tell me how quickly you find a pistol lying in a box.

I agree the tone/feeling of the environment should be more bleak, oppressive, and post-apocalyptic in theme but I think it should be noted that this isn’t necessarily the goal. All the rad towns are placeholders. For all we know, the island was just a offshore nuclear power plant or something.

I don’t think you would find Factories and such on a remote island either, and sorry for the bow thing, didn’t notice XD

I think you should reserve these observations until at least 6 months from now or a year, because there is still so much that has not been added yet, the one thing I’m eagerly waiting for which i think will really change how people see the game is the Weather effects, rain, storms(lightning and thunder), snow blizzards, howling tree bending winds etc. There is also on going work to fix up the current state of the Environment, more trees, rocks and vegetation. i think they called it Operation Unsuck the Environment. Check out the Dev blogs and the Rust Trello account as well as the Mind map if you haven’t already.

even if I had a blueprint for making a pistol, it would be extremely difficult for me to find, or (laugh) craft the things I need to make it IRL, forget about a nuclear fallout.

Even if I were a mechanical engineer it would be difficult for me to do, there are specific things you need to make a factory grade rifle or sidearm.

I think guns should be in the game, but aside from the eoka pistol, pipe shotgun, and maybe that AK thing they have (it should really be a piece of crap with limited usefulness), you shouldn’t be able to craft them and they should lose durability appropriate to their usage and possibly handling.

There is a thing called gameplay over realism, if it was really like real life we shouldn’t be able to build this fast and upgrade by clicking a button and such, so please stop it with i couldn’t do it in real life,

I think that Rust gameplay should be more focused on survival elements, rather than super tight PVP FPS mechanics.

This means unreliable weaponry should be the norm, as in a nuclear fallout type situation, good weapons would be a highly valued and relatively rare commodity.

Right now its almost impossible to take down a fully armored and armed Newman as a fresh spawn. In Legacy you still had to watch out for nakeds as a couple of pickaxe swings and a pipeshotgun shot later you lost your m4 and full kev.

Still all of that aside, I still think military or factory grade weapons should be rare in the game and have little practical usage outside of base defense. If you were to go out hunting with that super rare m4 you found, you will damage it, you could die with it due to some environmental hazard, a bear could eat you, or god forbid, a player could kill you and take it away.

guns in the game shouldn’t make you an unstoppable force that dominates everything, they should only make it slightly easier to survive.