Improving Clan Members Differentiation

Hi, I’m making this post because I think there should be a better way for differentiating your own clan members or allies.

This came out last night when our clan and some allies were raiding a house together. We were 8 ppl and the defending clan had 3 ppl inside the house. At first it went very well, we got inside the house, wich had 3 floors, using explosives. We made it to the 2nd floor and got 2 of them. At this point we had already killed two of our own members, because the game is very confusing about this. The only way you have for knowing who someone is, is getting very close to him, otherwise you won’t be able to see his name. Well, the raid ended up really bad, we could make it to the last floor, but the enemies came back using the same clothes we were using and killed all our clan members remaining in the house. It was so frustrating because everything would have went well if we just didn’t kill our own clan members thinking they were enemies.

That’s why I think they should improve this. I’ve thought of two ways.
-The first one is allowing you to somehow make distinctive clothes for your own clan/allies.
-The second one is highlighting the name of your allies with a differet color or showing a tag.

You could think of more ways for making this better and comment this post with your ideas!

Additional customization options and more clothing options are in the works.

Special name highlighting is very unlikely to be added because it goes against the fundamental ideas the devs have for Rust.

they can just loot your clothes and disguise themselfs, if you are not aware where your group is positioned in a gunfight.

seeing names would take alot of grp play skill out of the game.

the only thing i can imagine is you can aim at them a little bit farther than normal players to see their name.
but god plz no floating nameplates above heads.

IRL you’d be able to recognize your friend to… I don’t see why they shouldn’t make it that you can see their tag above their head from a distance…

Greater customization and clothes modification = yes.
Highlight friends and clan members names = no.

I totally agree. You should at least be able to customize your clothes.

Customization IS coming in. It IS confirmed.

As for player tags floating above your head. No. HELL No. Like it isn’t easy enough to spot a dude in the valley harvesting resources, now there gonna have a floating tag?

Lmao. There goes the strategy of sneaking/hiding rrrrright out the window.

~ C

It would be cool if your"custom" clothing can be looted by a for then used against you to get behind “enemy lines”. Would make the game more fun. Viewing name tags from a far will only hurt the game IMO. Newbies won’t be able to collect any resources due to the fact they can be spotted farming rocks from far away.

If you change everything on the body, face, head. hair, nose, eyes, beards, hair… would be cool. Also some kinda of clothing style.

It would be nice if i could have red kevlar and stick out like a sore thumb :slight_smile: Also some kind of design or clan tag on my vest and pants would be nice.

Better yet i want some track pants and a football jersey for my player model!

And to the OP…

Make your clan wear a suit like rad helmet or something. Easiest way to differentiate. Also teach your group to hold watch while certain people move in for the kill. AND LEARN TO TAKE OUT SLEEPING BAGS INSTANTLY!!!11111

I agree, the customization is the better option, like a cloth’s dyes or something like that.
The changes on the body is cool but if you’re too far its really hard to distinguish, i think the colors is a better option for now, at least to beginning. We’re all waiting a solution for this trouble.

Yeah, it’s confusing right now. It would be great if you could make customized clothes! And there should be more types of clothes, I think there’s only 4(cloth,radiation,leather and kevlar).