Improving My Gmod Server

Hello, currently im running a Dark RP Garrys Mod Server and ive run into a couple of problems.


1st - I am using a pack for vehicle called S-Cars, in my older servers i would just look in the specific vehicles code for a certain line and it would hold its name so i
could put it in my code so classes could buy it. Ive tried to methods to making the S-Cars cars buy-able.

AddCustomVehicle("sent_Sakarias_Car_LamboDiCop", "models/tiggomods/vehicles/lambodiablo.mdl", 15000, {TEAM_POLICE})
AddCustomVehicle("Lamborghini Diablo Police", "models/tiggomods/vehicles/lambodiablo.mdl", 15000, {TEAM_POLICE})

Both of these ideas display an image of the car in the f4 menu but when clicking on it nothing happens.
This is the main thing i need done to get my server ready so i need some help on this.

This part isnt as important but would make things nicer for me.
2nd - I was looking at the gmod darkrp gamemode files and ran into the whole enter MySQL stuff. I looked up tutorials but none of them showed me how exactly
to get this properly working. If someone has found a successful one it would be nice to send it my way.

That is all i can really think of at the moment and any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advanced, and i hope to hear from someone soon

Scars arn’t going to work with the AddCustomVehicle.

Scars are scripted cars, not normal vehicles.

Use SicknessCars, they work fine.

Your lucky I didn’t reply saying ‘Improve it by removing the DarkRP folder from Gamemodes.’
Oh wait, I just did :\

That comment was completely unnecessary, you make your self look like an ignorant fool. You should really stick to helping people instead of being an annoying ass

I thought that one was rather helpful.

You should be happy.

Just remember you have 5 posts; most people won’t give a shit.

way to go, making yourself look dumb on an internet forum without even hitting 10 posts

you came here to ask for help, you got your fucking answer and now you’re crying over the cold, hard truth

Typo? Don’t worry sport. I’m here to help!


I just realised i was the one who taught you this, You asked me on steam if you could add scars to darkrp.

Oh yeah! It was killing me trying to work out where I learnt it from :smiley: