Improving Rust Weaponry

I made a rather large post about realism in Rust and how it could benefit the game. Some people seemed interested but it died without ever becoming very popular. I am going to re-focus on one aspect of the post and edit/improve upon it.

Here is the original post:

Right now I’m just going to focus on the guns and other weaponry.

Devblog 57 just came out. Now the rocket launcher has been implemented and a Tier 1 SMG is being worked on. We have also seen some crossbows and other weapons as concepts. This will widen the variety of weapons we can use.

Lets seperate weapons into tiers, this allows us to organize them quicker and give players a loose progression system. (I also added a couple of my own weapon ideas to the table).

Tier 1 (Lower End Weaponry)

Perhaps hammers/swords
Eoka Pistol
Shields (Wooden and Reinforced)

Tier 2: (Medium Tier weaponry. All require blueprints).

Tier 1 SMG (Classified tier 2 because it’s a gun).
Higher end bows/crossbows.
Shields (Metal and riot provide protection against melee AND bullets).
Perhaps metal spears/other spear variants.
Rocket launcher.
Water-Pipe shotty.
Perhaps some muskets/flintlock weaponry.

Tier 3: (Uncraftable weaponry. Only available from looting players, radtowns and very rarely trash/barrels.)
Bolt Action
Other future high-end weaponry.

Weapon Attachements (For tier 2-3 ranged weapons).
Gun flashlight (blueprint)
Laser pointer (have to find)
Scope (blueprint)
Silencer (Blueprint)
Laser Reflex Sights (have to find)
Improved iron sights (blueprint)
Thermal Sights (Have to find)
Super rare holographic sights. Can switch between Scope and Reflex sights. Also shows the players name even at long range. (Have to find).

So, as you can see, I have made the current high-tier guns UNCRAFTABLE. This means they can only be looted from places. The reason for this is to add a bit of realism to the game, while reducing the amount of OP players. Lower-Tier craftable weapons make melee weapons more useful, and making the revolver and those make-shift guns more prominent as well. Currently, for a survival game, Rust awfully resembles CoD mixed with minecraft (building/shooting/raiding is all that there is right now). Making guns rarer and adding more caveman-ish/survivalist weaponry is a step to diffrentiating Rust from CoD games, and making it harder as well.

Read my other thread for ideas on how to integrate this suggestion into a larger scheme that ultimately makes rust harder PvE and PvP wise. All suggestions are just that, suggestions, and I love CONSTRUCTIVE criticism and feedback.

(My grammar right now is terrible because it’s late and I’m very tired.)

Some mid-tier guns would be good. Single shot firearms like muskets (or pistols or blunderbusses) would be cheap in metal and force folks to make that shot count. You could also make bayonets for stabby effects when unloaded. They would take gunpowder and easily-manufatured shot. (Concept “art”.)

It looks like Rust could be evolving towards more fleshed out tiers based on core resource materials. Looking at the tiers of tools (hatchets/pickaxes), those tiers would be wood/stone, metal (ore), and “salvage”. The latter could come from cars and wreckage in radtowns, making end-game play a real challenge since players would have to spend so much time in rad zones that they’d need those (delightfully vulnerable) rad suits to survive.

This sounds amazing, having uncraftable guns sounds super realistic! I agree on this post

Swords and shields would be a good addition, including machetes, knives, forks, harvesting tools etc

Muskets could definitely be cool. Better than the Eoka pistol but not as good as the revolver (however more damage and cheaper cost, at the expense of mobility and reload times)

Made some edits to how attachments are found and added some more “suggested” weaponry to tier 2.

Only if they add the possibility of chopping off people’s limbs - permanently (or at least until you die and respawn).

That would be cool, now i can finally chop off that leg that’s on a weird angle, it bugs me.

Haha. While I like the idea of being able to disable people, I don’t know if a permanent disable would be really fun, considering you could just chop off a guys leg and he has no way to repair it and get back in the fight. Perhaps you could settle for just mutilating the limb. You know, nothing that can’t be fixed with a bandage.

Dead bodies on the other hand.