improving screenshots

i need some help making gmod save better quality screenshots, i have tried one command yet it doesent seem to do a thing as JPEG is to be honest a shitty picture format with terrible quality, so i wonder, is it any way to make gmod save screenshots in other picture formats as .PNG?

Just do jpeg_quality 100 in the console and it works just fine. You should never have a need for a png.

that was the command i tried, it is still just as bad

Well, how about your graphics settings? Those have a large influence.
Same with any graphics card personalization, like I have a slider for more performance or quality.

i sacrificed a goat to satan, now my jpeg quality is fine. you should try it.

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my graphics settings are for high on some, the problem is the way jpeg screws over the image quality, no matter what, try making a pic in a image program and save first in png then in jpeg, jpeg often changes the picture to make it a bad quality, at least for me

edit: as for the general look themselves, i have gotten alot of help, so if i use steam screenshots, i get a better picture quality usually
but gmod tends to crash for me alot, so i take screenshots of progress often

That car’s resolution sucks.
The rest… average…

gotta use the textures i have, cant make them better or my crappy laptop will sadly melt, though the image quality as a whole is way better than the screenshot taken with gmod’s screenshot tool

There’s your problem.

Don’t use the Steam Screenshot, use the camera weapon.

the camera weapon is the issue, it gives crap quality for me, steam screenshots gives way better in my case

Set your steam to jpeg_quality 100 and bind something for developer_screenshot (i think) and it’ll save a picture as .tga which you can convert to a higher quality jpeg.

A LOT of people including myself hate people uploading in .png to save themselves a little pixel shits which aren’t noticeable on a higher quality picture without looking for them anyways.
.png just takes far too long to load