Improvised calladmin for all gamemodes

This is a new addon i published here’s the features and other things

Here’s another very useful addon for your server


1-)Compatible with all gamemodes

2-)Doesnt have a annoying sound when there is a call made

3-)Noticeable by the admins (notice me senpai)

4-)Unique design simple & elegant

5-)Shortcut buttons to answer calls [F1 to accept F2 to deny a call if needed]

Player Manual:
To use the system you must do /ca reason for example

/ca help me admeeeeeeen rdmmmm
/calladmin help me admeen rdmmmm

Superadmin Manual:
You can change the script’s language from your console [for the whole server] with the commands

calladmin_lang EN [english] DEFAULT

calladmin_lang TR [turkish]

Contact me [Gorkem] if you’d like to participate in translation

Leave a comment & share any bugs with either me or kralking so we can fix them as soon as possible

F1 for accepting” – Some gamemodes/addons already use the F1 key(DarkRP to automaticly open the helppanel).

i seriosly thought hard about that but i couldnt find anything which would be more easy than f1 i decided to go with it since i knew that nobody uses the help panel and its %80 disabled on most servers

You could simply go with a chat command. Atleast make the key configureable :stuck_out_tongue:

the chat command simply kills the point of easy acsess and yeah you can configure the key if the person knows some lua

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what i was thinking was a clientside menu that would allow to customize colors , size , and key options its WIP though

You should add a console command so users can bind the menu, like for example: “calladmin_menu”. Instead of using F1 as that’s usually a help menu shortcut for some gamemodes.

will do and update the addon asap i have some problems with my pc atm xd