Improvised clothing and armor

Browsing around the rust art trello page,and i noticed some new concept art for new armor and clothing.Honestly im liking the tire armor idea,however im figuring out how will you be able to obtain tires in the game.Things are looking cool so far and im liking the new ideas they’re putting out. What do you guys think?

I really like this looks cool

I luv it!

That codpiece gave me a good laugh.

The heart it’s near the left side of the body. Just saying…

Looks cool, but where in the hell are we getting tires from? there aren’t any vehicles in the rust world, or are there…

Even if the vehicles are long gone, their tires would be around for hundreds of years.

I do like this idea but feel it’s not needed, the 4 levels of ‘armour’ skin, cloth, leather and kevlar are IMO about spot on.

If any addition is needed then I would say chain mail or plate metal armour is needed as craftable, and kevlar as rare military grade find i.e not craft able.

It’s a lot more believable from a crafting standpoint than making cloth, leather, and kevlar, though. Unless you really know what you’re doing, you can’t make leather (or very much that is useful), or even weave decent cloth. But anyone can punch a few holes in some old radials, chop 'em in half, and ta-dah! spaulders.

It would be kind of interesting if this sort of armor would be what we’d make on our own, but we could still find whole and partial “off the rack” style clothing.


I really like the concept. Making improvised armor is awesome and fits the game. Nice work mate :slight_smile:

I’m happy with this as long as you can still find/eventually craft proper clothes.

There are tires at the hanger.

Just make the pile of tires you see at the hanger and near towns from static props to resource nodes, then you can get tires for use in crafting.

Ok Garry is in to some freaky ass shit

Then you should never watch Mad Max …

I dunno why some people don’t want m4s and Kevlar to be craftable…I mean this is post apocalypse so it makes no sense that there is like no technology anywhere…if my guy is smart enough to make a revolver out of leather metal and wood then he can build an m4 with the right resources

i agree in a way. i think that primitive designs of weapons could be made by an unskilled person. like the pipe shotgun, which has a tube to hold a shell, and a firing pin. even a simple revolver could probably be made by the layperson(although the revolver mechanism is a bit harder to picture with primitive tools)

an m4 is a higher tier piece of technology. it has at very least a semi-auto firing mechanism, and a clip feed. can you make that with a rock and a few bits of unprocessed metal? can you weave layers of specialized “thread” and stitch it into a bit of armor alongside plates of metal?

i think it doesn’t really make sense to make modern weapons or armor under the circumstances, but i can see improvised gear being made that almost meets the efficacy of modern gear.

I don’t think any dev has ever said that we’re in a post-apocalyptic world. People just think that because there’s irradiated areas and it reminds them of Fallout.

A tire over your mouth? Seems dumb.