Improvised Explosive Device (IED)


Name: IED

Authors: venom, smallfry


This is an IED. It can be attached to the world or to other objects like vehicles or seagulls. You can also carry it around freely and plant it to set up ambushes. IEDs will detonate other IEDs.

The IED is triggered remotely by the included cellular detonation device. It is very sensitive to shock, so the possibilities for IED-based mortars and rockets are endless. Bullets, melee damage, and nearby explosives will also set off the IED - handle with caution.

It will unfreeze contraptions, break welds/constraints, and detach wheels neatly. Whether you’re disabling heavy vehicles or assassinating heads of state, the Improvised Explosive Device is the perfect tool for the job.


A huge thank you to my friend Niko (venom) for his beautiful modeling and texturing work, and for helping me playtest this release extensively! :buddy:

I love messing around with this thing, great job boyos.

Thank you very much


If that’s still on the screen I demand 50% of all profits you make from this addon.

Also 12 all expenses paid trips to Disneyland per year.

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I was right, awaiting my payment now.

i contribute too
moral support!!

yay me

Pretty cool, but it would be better if you could place multiple IEDs.
Still incredibly fun though. Making a video for you.

Smallfry had planted a dickload of IED’s a couple times during testing, not sure how he did that.

Alright got a video for you.

It can be attached to the world or to other objects like vehicles or seagulls or children.

you can also attach it to fast zombies or manhacks and have it chase everyone

You can also put it on antilions but they usually get killed before you can blow up the ied.

I think instead of the IED disappearing when you kill the NPC it’s attached to it should just fall to the ground

looks really cool, but the explosion doesn’t look very impressive

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(in my opinion)

I made a video for you.

this thing crashes my game pretty often when used in MP, only in conjunction with other IEDs or explosive props and such, and it doesn’t deal any damage when detonated via the phone, only when it falls/gets shot/etc.

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basically, what happens in the video above