Improvised Explosive Devices

Since RUST is a survival game and you have to live off the land, Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s) make sense. The IED’s can be used for Anti-Bandit defense or Anti-Raid Defense on peoples homes or setting booby traps or can be used by raiders if necessary to control there territories. Examples of materials used is animal fat can be used to create:

  1. Molotov Cocktails, basically burning things down or people. Wood is susceptible to fire
  2. IED type 1; Using gunpowder and stones - Initial design
  3. IED type 2: Using gunpowder and metal fragments - Researched
  4. IED type 3: Using gunpowder, metal fragments and animal fat - Researched (rare), Airdrop

Once an IED is set, it will detonate by anyone to close

Idk about this option… Having deployed to Afghanistan, I think that this would be an option I would have turned off on my server. I still suffer from PTSD and I know for a fact it was caused from IEDs and seeing my Marine’s legs being blow off… So I would vote no. But just my opinion.

Maybe you shouldn’t be playing such games at all?
Or is it mainly the ieds that are the problem?

I made this =)

Pretty sure Small Rad, Big Rad, Hanger and Factory would be a death trap even more.

Nice, forgot the gunpowder for ingredient. Hopefully the dev’s will add this ingame

Why the hell would someone think this post was funny?